Here's a little guide I produced us very first Person Shooter football player who desire to have the ability to hear their game audio through a headset. This is a long post.

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Definitions and also acronyms used:

HDMI: High definition Media Interface.

AV: Audio-Visual

2 ch: 2 channels (stereo).

5.1 ch: 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer (total 6 channels).

7.1 ch: 7 speakers and 1 subwoofer (total 8 channels).

Universal Plug and also Play (UPnP). Permits for devices to save information around themselves and permit for communication in between devices.

Hardware Requirements:

1x PS3 AV cable.


PS3 AV cable. Need to be inside the box.

1x stereo headset. Optional: a built-in microphone.


This is a 4-pin/4-pole 3.5mm audio jack. The 4 value derives indigenous the spacings between the black plastic insulators.


Three (3) pen 3.5mm audio jack. You will not have the ability to use the microphone on her headset if the end cable is this.


Via Audio-jacks.

Hardware: If her headset uses a 4 pin microphone use a woman audio jack to female AV converter. Plug it come the red and white male connectors of the AV cable. Connect to the AV cable to the AV output port.

Software: In Sound Settings, pick the technique of how you want to send audio the end of the machine, especially, if you desire to have the PS3 output audio through speakers and also the headset (discussed later).

Through a TV with internal speakers/computer screen with exterior speakers via HDMI - pick the HDMI option. Permit the PS3 dictate what the hardware options easily accessible on the TV/monitor's firmware by choosing the automatically option. (2 ch, 5.1 ch and also 7.1 ch).

Through a soundbar via Optical Digital: attach the Soundbar utilizing a male Optical Digital cable to the Optical digital harbor of the PS3. Again pick the automatically option. (2ch and also 5.1 ch).

Through the headset: pick the Audio entry Connector / SCART / AV MULTI. (2ch only).

Once complete, review the options you made and press X to save your audio settings.

Set-up (for lot of connectors).

This set-up is because that being may be to output audio come both the TV's speakers and to her AV headsets.

Software: In Audio Multi-output, choose "On" to permit audio being playable through the HDMI, Optical Digital and also AV connectors.

Example: If you have actually a 5.1 Ch soundbar associated to the TV, and a PS3 system associated via AV and also HDMI, and also assuming every the devices support manage for HDMI, you can output the PS3 audio with the soundbar and also still listen to the AV headset audio.

The regulate for HDMI is beneficial if you desire to regulate the PS3 (only utilizing Sony Bravia TVs carry out full control, the others provide the food selection control), and the volume that the soundbar. This means you can really suffer the booms and lows of your FPS without a headset.

For headsets with microphones.

USB headsets (e.g. The ones provided for computer gaming) - This is why ns love universal Plug and also Play (UpnP). Simply connect the USB headset come an accessible USB port on her PS3. In the Accessory settings > Audio device settings readjust the audio input and also outputs from perform Not Use and System Default an equipment to her headset's name.

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Limitations: This will enable you come hear conversation audio only. You cannot listen to video game audio via USB headphones (thanks Sony).

If the headset supports Echo Cancelling (e.g. You deserve to hear according to audio feedback), push the triangle switch (