Kik is very popular messaging app, however it has a few annoying attributes that we all simply sort the put up with. You can"t turn off review receipts, nor can you hide when you"re typing, and the photos girlfriend take through Kik"s camera show up in different ways than ones girlfriend send from her gallery app. At the very least a pair of these attributes should be subject to change, however they aren"t — well, no without part tinkering.

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Previously, the only means to disable any type of of these functions was to install a modified variation of Kik exit by a 3rd party, which is always a sketchy endeavor since of the permissions they request. But now, developer xkik_dev has actually an Xposed module that allows you store the official Kik application installed while offering you the capability to disable review receipts, spoof the Kik camera flag, and also hide when you"re typing, simply to name a few of the tweaks it offers.

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Step 1: Download & install XKik

Begin by opened the Xposed Installer app and going come the Download ar in the side navigating menu. Tap ~ above the search symbol and kind in "Kik," then select the height result, XKik. Download the latest release indigenous the Versions tab, climate tap top top "Install" when prompted. As soon as you"re excellent there, make certain to activate the module and also reboot come wrap points up.

Step 2: Tweak settings with XKik

Next, open the XKik app and grant the permissions that asks for (storage and also root). From there, head come the Chat Tweaks section in the side navigating panel. If you enable the "Fake camera" option here, photos sent from your gallery will show up prefer they to be taken v the Kik camera as soon as the various other party look at them. Then, if you revolve on "Disable read Receipts" and "Disable typing Receipts," the other person won"t know when you"re inputting or if you"ve read their message.

Next, head to the Visual Tweaks section to check out all of the other options that space available. My personal favorite right here is the "Exact dates" toggle, i beg your pardon shows an accurate timestamps instead of approximations. But if you"d like, you can use the Color Tweaks section right here to successfully theme the official Kik app.

Now the you have the right to fool your friends v fake camera pictures and hide when you"ve read their messages, be sure to allow us recognize what other devious intentions you have in psychic in the comment section below.

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