A ruler through a slider that commonly measures 6″ long. The is most commonly used because that measuring quick spaces such together hems in sewing.

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Sewing Gauge Details: 

The adjustable slider top top the ruler provides an exact measurements. The ruler is significant with customs on one side and also centimeters top top the other side. Common hem and seam allowances are significant along the ruler.


Stats, Tips & fun Facts:

Use this handy tool to examine for hem depth, as well as marking fresh corners when quilting or sewing. Once sewing buttonholes making use of a sewing gauge will help check to make sure layers heat up. A sewing gauge is vital when sewing curved hems, and also drawing scallops.This sewing tool can additionally be provided to evenly mark spacing for tucks and pleats.When attaching hanging trim, a sewing gauge deserve to be advantageous in ensuring the the trim hangs evenly. Also though this one-of-a-kind tool was developed for sewing the can also be offered to draw specific lines on paper, and it’s occasionally used in woodworking.

Click top top the pictures below to learn more ways to incorporate using a sewing gauge because that your following project.

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