1. Exactly how do i install network Nanny for Mac?

Go to https://www.keolistravelservices.com/downloads/ and select the Download for the network Nanny you want to download (there is just 1 installation because that Mac)

You will be asked to if friend would like to save the record or release - select Save the File. The ideal option when saving the record is to conserve it come the desktop computer so that you can discover it quickly when the download completesAt this suggest it is highly recommended that you disable any kind of anti-virus/anti-spyware or firewall program you may have actually running thru the remainder the the net Nanny install. They have the right to be turned ago on once the installation is completeGo to your desktop and twin click on the network Nanny for windows install icon – pick RunReview the End-User license Agreement and also click "I expropriate the state in the patent agreement" and hit NextSelect installation Folder – defaults to C:Program Files... Click NextReady to Install... Click NextNet Nanny will start installing and also may take a few minutesWhen completing the network Nanny Setup Wizard display comes increase click FinishNet Nanny will then begin the communication with our servers to develop a connection with your accountYou will be asked to authorize In with your present account credentials. (If you don"t currently have one account click "Don"t have actually one? develop one.")After you get in your credentials girlfriend will be able to see the customers you have already created and be provided the choice to add User. Together you include the users you will then be able to select during the installation i beg your pardon one you desire to it is in tied come that particular computer.Once you have actually selected the User you desire tied to the computer, network Nanny will complete the installation.

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2. Exactly how do I recognize which version of network Nanny for Mac ns have?

3. How do I acquire customer organization support for network Nanny?

Net Nanny customer company is obtainable via email at support
keolistravelservices.com or by live chat.

4. Will certainly Net Nanny occupational on any type of Mac and also which versions of Mac does the support?

Net Nanny 3.0 for Mac will run on any type of Mac computer system that has actually OS X 10.7 and above.

You can examine the variation of Mac OS X top top most devices by choosing The apple in the top left hand corner > around This Mac

5. How do ns make changes to network Nanny settings once its installed?

After the initial installation, you deserve to make transforms to the settings for network Nanny user(s) from any kind of web browser. You do not need to have the protected machine in her hand to watch or change its settings. Simply login to the administration Console (at https://admin.keolistravelservices.com or pick "Login" native the top right corner of the page. Log in making use of the email and password produced when girlfriend purchased your Net Nanny for Android account.

Alternatively, girlfriend can click on the net Nanny symbol in the task bar and then click “Administrative Console”

6. Have the right to I protect against my son from accessing a details website through Net Nanny for Android?

Yes. As in question 4 above, log in in come https://admin.keolistravelservices.com, click Users and select the User. Climate under the Allow/Block Tab click on always Blocked and also enter the site.

7. What will protect against a user indigenous uninstalling the network Nanny because that Mac application?

Net Nanny 3.0 because that Mac has built-in removal prevention. Removed of the network Nanny software application is username/password protected and also requires a net Nanny Administrator password before permitting the applications to be uninstalled. The Administrator password is the one you used when developing your net Nanny because that Android account. One Administrator username/password is additionally required to access other locations within network Nanny, which might potentially allow a user to uninstall or disable net Nanny, such together Application management or to run Processes.

8. How deserve to I uninstall net Nanny 3.0 for Mac?

Because network Nanny is designed to block not authorised removal friend cannot just drag the network Nanny icon to the garbage bin. There space 2 supported means to remove Net Nanny from your Mac.

Important: Both that these methods require the you understand the network Nanny governmental password.

Method 1: From her Mac, select Finder, the Applications. In the Applications ar you will view a net Nanny folder. Dual click the folder and also then dual click “Uninstall” icon. You will certainly then be motivated for the network Nanny administrative password and also then uninstall will certainly complete.

Method 2: From her Mac, located the downloaded “dmg” document that you used to install net Nanny. Might times you can find this by looking in your “Downloads”. Twin click this document as if girlfriend were about to begin an install of net Nanny .Click the Uninstall network Nanny icon. Pick Finder, the Applications. In the Applications ar you will check out a net Nanny folder. You will certainly then be prompted for the net Nanny bureaucratic password and then uninstall will complete.

Note: it is very recommended the you reboot her Mac ~ uninstall net Nanny. Failing to reboot after ~ uninstalling may cause issues v re-installing the software program or other web related programs.

9. Once I make a readjust to the settings for net Nanny in the management Console, just how long before it is applied to the phone call or tablet that the software is protecting?

Changes made in the administration Console to the settings of net Nanny because that Android are used within a minute come the an equipment — if the maker is linked to Internet. If a machine is not connected to the Internet, the alters are immediately applied the next time the an equipment connects come the Internet.

10. What is a "User" and also why do I need to produce Users?

Net Nanny for Mac associates settings with a "User." Users do not necessarily should represent a single person, and also can be called anything the will aid you acknowledge the setups for the human being or group you wish to protect. Network Nanny because that Mac permits you to produce as countless "Users" as you like. Each User have the right to have custom settings for allowed/blocked/warned websites and categories of websites and many other customizations. Users room inactive till you "Login" with them ~ above a device that has the net Nanny for Mac software program installed. This is excellent by clicking network Nanny symbol in the taskbar and selecting “Login”.

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11. Online background Reporting

Online background Reporting is no longer supported. Come disable this feature, go to https://admin.keolistravelservices.com/homeadmin/login/auth and click the "Users" tab. For each user, choose their profile and also then go to User setups > extr Settings and also uncheck the box next to allow Online looking History. This will avoid the note to download the extension/plugin.