Your Acer laptop won’t attach to WiFi and you fail to accessibility the Internet? Don’t panic. This post walks you v to deal with Acer laptop not connecting come WiFi issue.

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Why isn’t my Acer laptop connecting to WiFi? The factors are various. Because that example, if WiFi is disabled on her laptop, you’ll no doubt have this issue; or if her network adapter driver is corrupted, Acer won’t affix to WiFi either.

How to solve Acer not connecting come WiFi

Here room fixes because that Acer laptop not connecting come WiFi issue. Girlfriend shouldn’t have actually to try them all; simply work your way down the list until everything’s working again.

Fix 1: revolve on WLAN feature in your laptop

Newer models the laptops allow people to turn on WiFi with a WiFi switch. Therefore if over there is a move on her laptop, shot switching it to ON so as to turn top top WiFi for your laptop.


If girlfriend don’t watch the WiFi move on your laptop, try to turn on the WiFi attribute in Settings. Here’s exactly how to execute it:

1) press the Windows logo design key and also I at the same time on your keyboard, then the Settings app opens.

2) Click Network & Internet.

3) Click WiFi ~ above the left, and toggle the WiFi switch to On.

4) Restart her Acer laptop and shot to affix to WiFi and see if that works.

Fix 2: Make sure the WLAN AutoConfig business is running

WLAN AutoConfig organization (or Wireless configuration in windows XP) gives the logic compelled to configure, discover, affix to, and disconnect indigenous a wireless regional area network (WLAN). If this service is disabled, every the WLAN adapters ~ above your computer system won’t occupational properly. Therefore you have to make sure the WLAN AutoConfig service is running properly.

To perform so, follow this steps:

1) On her keyboard, push the Windows logo design key and R in ~ the exact same time to invoke the operation box.

2) kind services.msc and click OK.


3) Scroll under and double click WLAN AutoConfig (or Wireless Configuration on home windows XP).


4) Make certain to collection the Startup type to Automatic, and the Service status is Running. Climate click Apply and OK to conserve the changes.


5) Restart her laptop and also connect to WiFi.

Now check if her Acer laptop connects come WiFi or not.

If not, don’t panic. There are other solutions.

Fix 3: update your wireless network adapter

If your wireless network adapter is absent or corrupted, her Acer laptop can’t affix to WiFi. To dominion it out as the cause for your network problem, you should update your wireless network adapter driver come the recent version.

Note: since your Acer laptop won’t attach to WiFi, girlfriend can try Ethernet connection to upgrade your driver, or download the driver into a USB drive in another computer with internet access.

There space two means to update your wireless network adapter driver: manually and automatically.

Manually upgrade your driver: You deserve to go to the website of her network adapter, search for the latest version of your wireless network adapter, then download and also install it into your laptop.

Driver basic will automatically recognize your system and find the correct motorists for it. Girlfriend don’t must know exactly what mechanism your computer system is running, girlfriend don’t should risk downloading and also installing the wrong driver, and you don’t must worry about making a mistake as soon as installing.

You can update her drivers immediately with either the FREE or Pro version the Driver Easy. However with the Pro variation it takes simply 2 clicks (and you get complete support and a 30-day money back guarantee):

1) Download and also install Driver easy (you can shot Ethernet link or Offline Scan feature listed by Driver simple which allows you to update network adapter drivers even when you have no web access).

2) operation Driver Easy and also click Scan Now. Climate Driver simple will scan her computer and detect any problem drivers.


3) Click the Update button next to the wireless network maker to automatically download the driver (you deserve to do this with the FREE version), climate install that in her computer.

Or click Update All to immediately download and also install the correct variation of every the difficulty drivers (you have the right to do the with pro version, and also you’ll be triggered to upgrade when you click Update All).


4) ~ updating, restart your computer system to take effect.

Now connect your laptop to WiFi and see if it functions properly.

Your problem still persists? Don’t worry. Move on to the following method.

Fix 4: change Power management settings

Power monitoring settings for your wireless network adapter relate her WiFi performance to the battery strength situation. When your Acer laptop has less power, it might disable your wireless network adapter in stimulate to save power. Therefore you have to check and also modify the Power administration settings.

1) On her keyboard, push the Windows logo design key and R at the exact same time to invoke the operation box.

2) kind devmgmt.msc and click OK.


3) In machine Manager, double click Network adapters, right click on your wireless network adapter, and select Properties.


4) Click the strength Management tab, and also uncheck the box beside Allow the computer system to revolve off this device to save power. Then click OK.


5) Restart her laptop.

Now shot connecting to WiFi and also see if that works.

Fix 5: permit WiFi connections in your antivirus program

Your antivirus program may stop her laptop from connecting come WiFi, so you deserve to temporarily revolve off antivirus routine in your computer, then try to attach to your WiFi.

If your Acer laptop succeeds to connect to WiFi, then your antivirus regimen is the culprit. In this case, you should include your WiFi connection to antivirus exception, and make certain to enable your WiFi link through antivirus program.

Note: be certain to re-enable antivirus program later on on.

Fix 6: Manually connect to a wireless network

If the methods over didn’t resolve your issue, you can shot connecting to your WiFi manually in her Acer laptop.

1) form Control dashboard in the find box on your desktop, and click Control Panel in the result.


2) certain to select View by little icons or View by big icons, then click Network and Sharing Center.


3) Click set up a brand-new connection or network.


4) select Manually affix to a wireless network, then click Next.


5) get in the compelled information for your WiFi, consisting of Network name, Security type, and also Security Key. Be sure to check the box next to Start this connection automatically, climate click Next.


6) monitor the on-screen instructions to end up the process.

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Then your Acer laptop need to be able to attach to wireless networks.

So over there you have it – the six approaches to resolve Acer laptop no connecting to WiFi.