The handcuff knot, additionally known together the hobble knot forms two loops top top a length of rope secured in ~ the facility that have the right to be used as makeshift handcuffs as mentioned in The Ashley publication of Knots. However, due to the fact that it does no have any inherent locking action, it can not be reliably used for the said restraining purpose. However, it can be locked properly by tie a single or much more overhand knots through the loosened ends. That is quick, easy to tie and also can be made through rope also strings, lines, paracord or webbing.

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Tutorial on tie a Handcuff Knot


Tutorial on tie a Handcuff Knot


The size of the loops can be changed by gently pulling them to a larger or smaller dimension in action 4.


By firefighters to rescue human being from narrow spaces by pulling lock by the wrists. However, it is mainly avoided and used just as a critical option due to the danger of harming the victim.By cowboys. Tied about the foot of livestock or horses, the would prevent them from hike too far at night.To drag animal carcasses.To elevator one increase in a seated place by adjusting the size of the loops around the thighs hence acting as a chair.By sailors and boaters in securing the oars together and lashing them to the rails of a boat.


Prusik node – despite inferior, can be offered as handcuffs.

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Mooring Hitch
Poacher’s node
Non-Slip (Kreh) Loop node
Stevedore node

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