My cat has actually a very details super power. She seems to understand the exact moment I open my eyelids an initial thing in the morning and will commence her ritualistic cry because that food. That doesn’t protect against until there’s food in her bowl.

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I’ve grown involved over my cat’s obsession through food. Anytime ns in the kitchen, she cries and circles around my feet, begging because that more.

I took she to the vet to make sure nothing was physically wrong through her. Turns out, she’s parasite and disease free, for this reason I had actually to do some research study to obtain to the bottom that this food obsession.

If you have actually a food-obsessed cat at home, possibly these tips will aid you, too.

Rule Out clinical Reasons


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If her cat bolts into the kitchen every time you in there, tenderness grab her cat, bring them to an additional area that the house, and calm castle down. Store your cat in this room until the begging stops.

When it is feeding time, shower her cat with several positive reinforcement because that eating when they’re claimed to eat.

These two approaches should assist curb the begging habit the a continually hungry kitty.

If her cat continues to beg and also whine whenever you are near the food bowl, just ignore the behavior. Carry out not positively or negatively reward your crying. The may acquire worse prior to it gets better, therefore patience is a must.

Again, it must be stressed that you have actually to ascendancy out any type of potential illnesses or physical problems with her vet as the reason why your cat is therefore food obsessed.

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If there room no physical factors why her cat is begging because that food and you’ve make the efforts the previously mentioned tips, it may be time to talk to a behaviorist because that a plan of action to mitigate unwanted begging and also food aggression.

Do you have actually a cat who stomach seems to be bottomless? What have actually you excellent to store your cat from driving you bonkers if begging for food? allow us recognize in the comments below!