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Inexperienced owner of fluffy rodents often wonder just how to identify the sex the a guinea pig at home, even if it is it is male vs. Mrs guinea pig. 

After all, the sex features of these animals are so complicated to identify that sellers that pet shop or default veterinarians occasionally cannot cope with such a task.

What are the methods to recognize the sex the a cute maritime pet, and what personality traits are inherent in female and also male guinea pigs?

To uncover the answer, you must keep reading since it will current the answers; therefore, let us look further.


10 Differences in between Male and Female Guinea Pig

10 Differences between Male and Female Guinea Pig

Here are the 10 differences in between a male and also female guinea pig.

Why Is It essential To recognize The gender Of her Guinea Pig before Buying?

Well, because that the right an option of name, the course.

This time, and also two – so the it transforms out the the two beautiful females that you bought are, in fact, a female and a male, and also bam – replenishment soon!

To prevent such unpleasant surprises, the is better to learn exactly how to recognize the sex the guinea pigs on your own, not thoughtlessly trusting the “authoritative” statements of sellers in a pets store.

It is regularly difficult, particularly in small piglets, to determine the sex with 100% accuracy.

Sometimes also experienced vets make mistakes as soon as identifying a masculine or woman at such a young age.

But this is critical point, particularly if you have actually several guinea pigs and you are not going to breed them.

Guinea pigs end up being sexually mature at 6 come 8 main of period (some earlier), therefore if the guinea pigs room not reared, castle will begin to mate and also reproduce.

This is why that is essential to separate males native females about three to four weeks after birth.

A neighborhood With another Guinea Pig

When masculine guinea pigs space in a cage with another male, consistent games and competitions occur, i m sorry can end in a fight and also injury.

So, it is not recommended to have actually two or an ext male guinea pigs in one cage since the chance of fighting increases and so boosts the opportunity of injuring your guinea pig.

In the instance of girl guinea pigs, they get along fine with other girl pigs, yet there is a chance of rarely fights, which space not excluded.

So it is not advisable to store three or more female guinea pigs in one cage as there is a big risk the fighting and also getting more aggressive.

After part time, if in this conditions, there is a opportunity that the guinea pig will strike even the owner itself.

If you desire to to buy 2 pigs, you need to buy same-sex animals.

For those who want to breed guinea pigs, you have the right to take a pair – a boy and also a girl, however only save them in various cages and put the female to the male-only throughout mating.

Otherwise, there may be troubles with one unplanned pregnancy.

Who Is far better – A young Or A Girl?

A high level the sociality distinguishes pigs, so it is preferable to keep these rodents in a group.

It can encompass heterosexual individuals, but more often, castle contain a pair of pigs of the same sex, or they have actually only one rodent.

Therefore, the inquiry that often arises as soon as buying a guinea pig is a boy or a girl, that to choose?

Males room bolder and much more curious, lock are distinguished by activity, contact, and also therefore they will require an ext attention.

It is better to pick such a pet for a child, while adult cannot always find enough time come play and communicate through the animal.

It would certainly be best to take into consideration that males could fight because that power when kept in a same-sex couple.

Females are an ext careful, less sociable, so they are much less disturbed by your owners.

Difference the Genitals in between Male and Female Guinea Pigs

Pigs perform not prefer to lie on your backs for a lengthy time, so you have small time because that research.

If the pig breaks out of her hands, ask who to assist you host it, it will certainly be much more convenient, or offer your pig a treat.

While she is liven chewing, there will be a lot come consider!

Female vul usually have a smooth swelling in the genital area; use your finger to spread out the genital opened gently.

If the genital area is Y- or V-shaped (or a upright slit), this is a female.

The vul of males have a genital opening in the kind of a small round dot v a penis that protrudes above the bordering skin level (instead that the vulva that a woman guinea pig, i m sorry is flush v the skin).

The foreskin is raised and rounded, prefer a switch or dome, and in the center is a punctate opening (urethra).

If you push lightly above the genital opening, males will present a penis.

If you feel a ridge end the genitals, this is a clear authorize that this is a male.

If you also found the testicles ~ above either side of the penis, climate there is no doubt – the male.

In male guinea pigs, the scrotum is no a convex “sac that testicles” situated just above the penis, as is the case with many other male animals.

In masculine pigs, they are too huge to fit comfortable on the tiny patch that skin between the anus and also the penis.

Instead, lock sit just under the skin alongside the anus and penis (one testicle on each side).

This lateral plan of the guinea pig testicles reasons all-male guinea pig’s genitals and anal regions to appear bulging outward.

If you grab one of the bulges on the side of the penis area, you deserve to feel a hard, smooth testicle under the skin that moves freely back and forth under the skin (it is not solved in the scrotum favor in dogs, cats, and other animals).

The guinea pig have the right to retract the testicles right into the abdomen if desired.

Aggression the Male and also Female Guinea Pigs

A female dissatisfied with courtship regularly defends it s her from an stroked nerves male.

Her defensive reaction is the she has doused the insolent human being with a currently of urine and starts come run.

She succeeds since the male pauses for a moment to sniff himself.

Several energetic jumps the an upset female can additionally discourage a male from flirting.

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