Teaching her dog to walk on his hind foot is a funny trick. Large dogs and medium-sized dogs can do this trick, however most tiny dogs will gain this faster and easier. Walking on hind foot is a cute and fun cheat to display your friends and neighbors because dogs don"t go on two legs normally. You have the right to turn wade on hind legs into a dancing trick or a spinning about in a circle cheat with simply a tiny extra training and attention. 

Your dog may not want to walk on his hind legs all the time, but it have the right to be a command you teach him come entertain people or simply to have actually fun. Teach her dog to make the people in his people smile and also laugh at his fun an abilities of go on his hind legs. He’ll be a hit in ~ your next party. 

Teaching your dog to walk ~ above his hind legs will start in a "sit" position or a "beg" position. If her dog go not know these commands as that yet, train castle first. In order to discover to go on his hind legs, the should have the basic obedience commands down. He will be starting in a "sit" or "beg" position and then stand tall, increasing up from the position, before learning come walk. This ability of finding out to go on his hind legs will take a tiny bit that time because your dog will need to construct up rear leg strength. Even if the knows just how to beg, it might take the a small extra time come learn how to walk on those hind legs, so have some patience and also extra training time.

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To acquire started training your dog come walk on his hind legs, you are going come need many high-value treats to offer throughout training sessions. Be sure your dog knows exactly how to sit. If you would favor to begin in a beg position, teach the beg command first. This training sessions room going to require brief and basic challenges. Keep your dog"s strength up and also his fist by maintaining each cultivate under fifteen minutes. Be sure to reward your dog during and after every training session. Her dog will need to develop his muscles before he can walk, therefore don"t mean him come walk ~ above his hind legs from a beg position right away. Take it it slow-moving so that can build strength.

Raise the act up over your dog's head, going contempt over and also behind his head. This will certainly lift his head increase and suggest his chin upward. If girlfriend have ever taught your dog the beg command, this is the begin of teaching her dog come beg. If your dog knows had actually to beg, start here however without making use of the command come beg.
Give your dog a treat for standing to reach the act in your hand. If you space using a clicker for training, this is the time to click and also treat.

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Move your treat above his head progressively forward, encouraging her dog to pertained to you top top his hind legs after standing up. Be certain to click and also treat once he gets it.