What is an ext enjoyable than taking care of your eco-friendly garden while breathing in the new air and enjoying the trees’ shadow? However, plenty of of us gain annoyed by the weed eaters when we have to use them to cut the overgrown grass layers however do not recognize how come string a weed eater through two holes. Hence, in this article, we will overview you on exactly how to carry out it step by step.

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ToolsWeedeaterA stringA small scissor

Yes, we all understand that we require a string and a weed eater to execute this. But what is necessary here is that we must select a perfect line because that that certain weed eater.

Make certain you select a line through the right diameter dimension for your weed eater. If you use a string the is bigger than the size of the holes, the line will certainly not fit the holes, or also if it have the right to stick inside the hole, it will be tough (or impossible) because that you to take it out next time you want to replace it.

To understand the right string for her weed eater, do not judge through your eye only, however take some time to review the operator’s manual.

We recommend you to have a scissor. This scissor is not for cutting, but for pulling the wire out once the string is stuck inside. The scissor must be little and unsharpened.

A scissor deserve to be beneficial if the cable is just a little bit bigger 보다 the holes. But if the cable is as well big, climate you will have actually to adjust a new one.


It would be ideal if girlfriend did this in a spacious area and also would be better off without youngsters or animals around. If you have the right to do this in her garden alone (or just with various other adults), that would certainly be much better.

How come String a Weed Eater through Two feet – action by step Guide


Step 1: rotate off your Weed Eater

You need to never try to string her weed eater when the engine is on. To rotate it off, decision which is the type of her weed eater first. There usually room two varieties of weed eater: electric weed eater and also gas-powered weed eater.

For electric weed eaters, please turn it turn off by pushing the off button, or unplug it.

For gas-powered weed eaters, push the turn off button.

Step 2: allow the Engine Cool Down, and Remove that Spool Back

If you just finished cut grass through your weed eater, carry out not touch that is head or eliminate anything ideal away because it might burn you. Yes no must rush everything and also hastily touch it only after a couple of minutes to check if the maker is cool enough. Let’s stay away from your weed eater and give it approximately 5-10 minute or more to cool down completely.

When the weed eaters’ head is cool enough, currently we can remove the spool back. To carry out that, you can squeeze the tabs together, twisted them, and take the cup out.

Step 3: Clean up

After removed the spool earlier out of the weed eater, shot to ensure there is nothing left inside the spool carefully. That have the right to be the cable you used last time, or grass, dirt, soil, or other else.

Step 4: cut the Line into Two


In the “Preparation” part above, we already suggest you choose the best size the the line. In this part, us will require to cut it in the right length.

Now, go earlier to the manual again to know just how long the string need to be to it is in a great fit through your weed eaters’ spool. Then, cut the lines at the very least the same length as what the manual suggests. Much longer lines room ok due to the fact that you have the right to fix that later, but shorter lines will certainly not work.

Step 5: placed Two lines in two Holes

Hold the cup you currently took out from the weed eater, and also look in the middle of it come spot the 2 holes in 2 sides.

Now, placed the an initial line right into the very first hole. Make sure you feel or listen the “click” sound so the you can know the string rod tightly in the hole. The factor why ns talked in detail around choosing the appropriate size of the strings is the if the wire is too huge or too small, climate you deserve to never finish this step to usage your weed eater.

Step 6: scroll the 2 Line about the Spool

Now, after ~ your two lines rod tightly in the hole, start to role both lines approximately the spool and also stop as soon as you almost finish. Stop scrolling as soon as your lines are roughly 11 inch left.

Now, look because that the exit holes, and also push those last part of present in.

Step 7: put the Spool earlier on the Weed Eater

After you placed the lines in the departure holes, now slide or twisted the totality spool back to your weed eater. The present now must be moving freely.

Step 8: last Check


After you have actually done the work, take part minutes to inspect if your weed eater deserve to work correctly or not, and make it begin in the ideal way.

Turn her weed eater on and pay fist to how it works to clues anything wrong. If it doesn’t role properly, take the cup out and also check if over there are any type of malfunctions.

If the weed eater works appropriately, climate congratulations. Currently you can start your gardening appropriate away.

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Sum increase The Guide

We broke down the whole procedure in specific steps over for you come know specifically what to do, and also you could find that a tiny bit complicated. Yet in general, placing two strings onto a weed eater is not so huge of a deal.

First, you need to choose the right string for her weed eater. Climate take the cup (spool back) out of the strimmer and also hold that cup on her hand.

Cut your string into two, climate spot two holes in the middle of the cup and insert each line right into each hole.

After that, scroll the string till the end, and also put the whole cup ago into the weed eater.

Done! That’s a amount up. Easy right?

Warning: store it safe for Kids and Pets


A weed eater is a sort of machine used come strim grass, leaves, and other unwanted plants. And you have to keep in mind the anything through sharp knives or forms for that sort of activity is not children-friendly.

Before you use or test her weed eater after you’re done through stringing it v two holes, you should make certain there are no kids and pets around. They space playful and also might operation to friend in the center of the work and hurt themselves.

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Final Words

Gardening when in a while could give united state a “headache” if we have actually no idea just how to deal with a weed eater – crucial tool because that the most fundamental activity in gardening (cutting grass).

In this article, us have presented you how come string a weed eater with two holes. Complying with our step-by-step overview will make her gardening time more enjoyable. Have a great time in her garden!