If you space in a connection with someone that speaks Russian, or you are on the method to to win his or she heart, the complying with dating phrases will help a lot. In this post, I’ll display you the most sincere means of saying “I love you” in Russian and also other words the you have the right to use to tell your beloved exactly how much friend care!

How to Say “I Love You” in Russian

I’ve looked v the most-asked inquiries on the topic and also came up v a list of must-know love Russian phrases. Okay, let’s reduced to the chase and also begin through the most necessary love words.

The best and also the many straightforward means to to speak “I love you” is:

In RussianIn EnglishPronunciationAudioWhere to use
Я тебя люблюI love youJa ti–bjа́ lju–bljú

Use “Я тебя люблю” in the same method that you would use the English “I love you”. Russians nothing have any special heritages or contexts linked with this phrase. Us say it come girlfriends and also boyfriends, husbands and wives, children or girlfriend — come anyone who is crucial to us.

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It also doesn’t issue who this expression is spoken to – a masculine or a woman – the pronunciation and writing will certainly be the same. So, feel complimentary to to speak “Я тебя люблю” to anybody you love.

You might hear about this “yellow blue bus” trick in the food of your learning, it’s claimed that this expression sounds similar to “Я тебя люблю”. Lengthy story short, ns wouldn’t recommend you use it. I’ll explain why a bit further down.

Now, I wanted to mention saying “I love you, baby” in Russian. Keep in mind, the this is not what your median Ivan would say come his average Masha. Sure, contexts might vary and also every situation is different, but I i will not ~ recommend you to speak “baby” (детка) uneven you room a rapper mimicking American celebrities!

The Russian language has a huge variety of options, that sound so much much more natural.So, if you desire to find out tender phrases in Russian, keep analysis the post: i have selected the sweetest words that will certainly make she or his heart bounce.

Let’s have actually a look at the phrases that are offered at various stages the love.

“I love you” through the intensity of the emotion


Romantic relationship wouldn’t be practically as romantic there is no the warm and also touching, personal phrases that us say to every other. So, let’s begin.

“My love” in Russian may be to express in 2 ways relying on who you resolve this phrase to; a guy or a woman:

Where come useIn RussianIn EnglishPronunciationAudio
To a maleМой любимыйMy loveMoj lu–bí–mij

These are renowned ways to name someone friend love, yet not the just ones. The Russian language appears pretty strict and also emotionless, but when I decided to collect other sweet native I discovered HUNDREDS (I’m not kidding!) of regards to endearment.

So I decided to rely on my very own taste and also picked increase the most usual words and also phrases that may be used to both men and also women. If you require more, have actually a look in ~ this short article where I discuss the native “beautiful” and also other compliments and also tender surname in Russia.

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These are the most popular tender indigenous in Russian. So, you deserve to use them without fear of sounding unnatural or foreign.