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GTA Online enables players to check out Los Santos, take it on races, pull turn off heists, and also just goof approximately with friends and also other players. When you an initial start turn off in GTA Online, you’ll produce your character and then it is in asked if you desire to ‘Skip the GTA virtual Tutorial.’ The trouble is, if you pick to play v it, you may encounter the GTA digital Tutorial bug, locking you out of playing through friends, as well as a number of other activities and functions in the mode.

GTA digital Tutorial no Finished Error

The worry stems from what we can only i think is a an insect regarding the GTA digital tutorial. Merely put, it calls for players complete two missions dubbed ‘Mall or Nothing’ and ‘Learning the Ropes.’

However, as soon as these missions have been completed and also players unlock the success or trophy for completing GTA Online’s introduction, they’re still can not to join friends. A message that shows up on-screen reads: “Sending invites/ Joining games is disabled till both you and also this player have completed the GTA digital Tutorial.”

This bug seems to happen when a player who has finished the tutorial do the efforts to sign up with or send one invite come a player that hasn’t finished the tutorial, or made decision to skip it. In ours experience, having actually finished the accuse ourselves, we were can not to join the gamings of our friends that opted come skip that instead.

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How to settle GTA digital Tutorial Bug

Create a brand-new Character

To resolve the GTA virtual tutorial bug, us simply developed a brand-new character and also then opted to skip the GTA virtual tutorial. This prompted a cutscene because that the ‘Cayo Perico’ island expand released towards the end of last year, and then permitted us come join and invite ours friends once again.

We’d recommend providing this a shot if you are encountering the bug, despite this is clear not right if you have a ton of development on your existing character. For now, though, that’s the finest workaround we’ve found.

Closed Friends conference Lobby

From the GTA digital menu, choose the option to create a ‘Closed girlfriend Session.’ This will make a lobby where only you and your friends deserve to join and play about in. Part players over on the game’s sugreddit have detailed this works for them.

Complete a survival Mission

Some football player have additionally reported going to the industrial plant and completing the survive mission right here resulted in the GTA digital tutorial an insect being fixed. It’s not a guaranteed resolve for everyone, but it does appear to have had a many success ~ above forums.

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That’s how to solve the GTA virtual tutorial bug so friend can ultimately play through your friends. For more on the game, be sure to search for keolistravelservices.com, or see much more of our coverage on the game below.

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