Fitted hats room hats without size adjusters that room fitted come the size of your head. Many of them are made indigenous polyester. They’re great because castle fit better than hats with adjustable sizing and can be an ext comfortable as well. However what if you uncover a fitted hat that you love, however it’s too big for your head? This article will teach you how to shrink a polyester hat.

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There are plenty of methods you have the right to use come shrink a polyester fitted hat. Some of these methods encompass using:

The washing machineThe dryerSteamA hairdryerBoiling water

Shrinking a polyester equipment hat have the right to be done, but it have to be done closely to store from shrinking that too lot or damaging it. The measures must be followed exactly if you want your hat to shrink correctly. Keep analysis to learn around each the the techniques in an ext detail.


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Can you Shrink a Polyester Hat?

Before we obtain into exactly how to shrink a polyester hat, it’s essential to know how a hat need to fit to see if you even need to shrink the and, if so, how much?

When you wear a hat, it have to fit snugly but no tight. A hat the fits snugly will certainly not loss off quickly with increased activity or once you bend over. It will certainly sit comfortably on your head. A hat need to not fit therefore tightly the it feels like it is squeezing her head or pipeline marks. Wearing a hat the is as well tight can reason headaches.

A well-fitting hat will certainly sit above your eyebrows. Friend should be able to slide a finger in the room between the hat and your head. If friend can’t right a finger in the space, the cap is as well tight. If you can fit much more than one finger, the hat could be as well loose.

You should likewise think around the proportions and also size of your head because those two factors have the biggest effect on exactly how well a hat will fit. Because that a properly fitting hat, friend will must measure the circumference of your head. Describe a hat dimension chart to view what size hat you’ll need. As soon as you understand your hat size, you’ll know if a cap is too large and exactly how much you have to shrink it.


Does 100% Polyester Shrink?

Polyester is a man-made material. This method that it is artificial to have particular characteristics, consisting of being extremely resistant come shrinking. This doesn’t median that that won’t shrink at all.

Using warm water and also high heat when you launder polyester item could cause them come shrink some, however they won’t shrink significantly. Friend may notification that the care label ~ above polyester doesn’t introduce using hot water. This is due to the fact that care labels have instructions on just how not to shrink the fabric. Hot water can also damage polyester, i beg your pardon is why it must be used carefully.

Can friend Shrink a equipment Hat?

If your fitted cap doesn’t to the right right, the great news is that it have the right to be shrunk to fit better. There space several means this have the right to be done, and most of castle involve making use of some type of heat and also moisture.

You should always be careful when shrinking anything, though. It is hard to referee just how much details fabrics will certainly shrink and easy to shrink them as well much. Not adhering to recommendations closely could leaving you v a fitted hat that is currently too small.

What room the ways to Shrink a Hat?


There room multiple methods to shrink a hat. Each of these means is proven come be effective if lock are followed closely and carefully. But, lock each have actually their pros and also cons. Let’s look at each of the approaches to decision which one will be the best option because that you.

Washing Machine/Dryer


Very effectiveDoesn’t need a lot of work on your part.


Be mindful with the settings you use.Polyester can gain damaged through high heat.



Can be done through or there is no an yes, really steamer.Works great for polyester or materials that can’t forgive high heat.


You have the right to burn yourself if you aren’t careful.Works ideal for reshaping a hat quite than shrinking it.

The Sink


Can be supplied for shrinking simply the elastic band.


Hot water can damage the hat and also burn you. Be sure to submerge only the elastic band.

Hair Dryer


You don’t have to waste water running a complete laundry cycle.Can be used to border direct contact with heat.


Time-consumingMay have to repeat number of times because that polyester

Hat dimension Reducer


Can be supplied without warmth or water.Won’t damage or over-shrink the hat.


Requires accurate head measurements, have a girlfriend take them if necessary.

How to Shrink a Polyester fitted Hat


Now that you know what every the alternatives are and also have sweet the pros and cons, that is time come look at each one in an ext detail. Because that each method, we’ll offer you the specifics you require to recognize to stop damaging or over-shrinking the hat.

Using a Washing Machine

Since polyester is pretty resistant to shrinking under many circumstances, one of the many successful methods to shrink it involves washing the in the washing maker using hot water.

However, because polyester is a type of plastic, temperature 230 degrees Fahrenheit or hot can reason it to melt. Warm water indigenous the washing an equipment should be safe to use, as long as that doesn’t exceed the temperature. Follow these steps to shrink a hat in the washing machine.

Place your hat in the washing machine.Since friend are just trying to shrink one hat, collection the pack size to “small” to stop wasting water.Set the water temperature to the hottest setting that the polyester can handle.Wash the hat on the tenderness cycle, specifically if it has actually a brim. Too lot agitation can cause the hat to end up being misshapen.Let the washing an equipment run through the totality cycle, climate take the hat out and put the in the dryer.

Shrink hat in the clothing Dryer

This an approach can be offered with or without making use of the washing device first. If you just want the cap to shrink a little, usage the dryer only.

Lower temperature will cause less shrinking than greater temperatures. Yet if her hat is make of polyester, a high temperature will certainly be many effective. Follow these measures to shrink a polyester hat.

Set the temperature to the hottest setting.Take the hat the end of the dryer every couple of minutes and shot it on.If that fits, permit it to air dry. If not, continue drying it, checking it periodically.

Reshape A Hat making use of Steam

You deserve to use the heavy steam from a apparel steamer to reshape a hat so the it fits better. If girlfriend don’t have a clothes steamer, over there are numerous ways that it have the right to be done without one. We will go end each an approach in much more detail.

Clothes Steamer

This is the easiest way to reshape a hat using steam. Just follow these steps.

Fill the steamer with water (distilled works best).Plug in the steamer and also turn it to the sexy setting.Start at the brim and heavy steam the whole hat because that up to 2 minutes.Turn the steamship off and also use both hand to reshape the hat so the it fits her head better.Repeat if necessary.In the Shower

You deserve to use this an approach even if friend aren’t acquisition a shower.

Hang your hat somewhere in the bathroom whereby it won’t be straight in call with water.Turn the shower water on come the hottest it will certainly get.Close the toilet door.Leave the shower head on because that 10 come 15 minute to offer the steam time to work.Turn the shower off and also use her hands come reshape that so the it fits better.Use a Tea Kettle

Tea kettles develop steam, do this an approach very effective.

Fill the kettle v water and place it on the stove.Turn the range on and heat the kettle till it starts creating steam.Place the cap in prior of the steam.When the cap starts to feel soft, use your hands to reshape the hat till it fits just how you desire it to.

In the Sink

Follow these procedures to shrink a hat’s elastic band.

Fill a sink v just sufficient hot water to soak the elastic band.Leave the elastic tape submerged in hot water for 10 minutes.Take the hat the end of the water and try it on.Repeat if necessary.

Hair Dryer

To usage this method, you will require a spray party filled through cold water. Follow these steps:

Spray the hat until it is damp. Avoid fully soaking it.Turn the hair dryer on the high setting.Point the hair dryer in the direction of the hat, rotating it so that the heat reaches all sides.Do not let the cloth get also hot and avoid heating the brim. It might lose that is shape.When the cap is dry, turn the hair dryer off and try the hat on. Repeat if necessary.

Hat dimension Reducer

Use this an approach to reduce the size of a hat without utilizing water or heat.

Use a measuring ice cream to measure the gap in between the hat and your head.Measure the one of the hat.Trim the hat size reducer come the same length as the circumference.Stick the adhesive side of the hat dimension reducer under the lining of her hat.

Will 70% Cotton/30% Polyester Shrink?

Cotton and also polyester blends are much more likely to shrink than items make with just polyester. This is because 100% polyester is synthetic and also resistant to shrinking due to how it’s made. ~ above the other hand, noodle is a organic fiber, so it is an ext prone to shrinking. A 70% cotton/30% polyester mix won’t shrink as lot as 100% cotton will, however it might shrink up to as much as 3%.

How come Shrink a 70% Cotton/30% Polyester Blend

Cotton and polyester blends can be shrunk with a tiny heat and also water. You should be careful, though, since polyester isn’t as warmth resistant as cotton. Also though the percentage of polyester is small, too much heat have the right to still damages the polyester fibers in the fabric. Monitor these measures to shrink a 70% cotton/30% polyester blend.

Fill a washbasin with sufficient warm water come cover the cap or various other item you want to shrink.Push the article under the water and hold it over there until sufficient water is absorbed that the item deserve to stay underwater through itself.Soak the item because that 15 minutes. If the water start to feeling cold, include warm water until the water in the washbasin begins to feel heat again.Take the item the end of the water. Lay that on height of a bath towel or one more absorbent cloth. In the case of a hat, lay it as level as you deserve to make it there is no damaging the shape.Roll increase the item inside the towel and press ~ above it till you’ve squeezed out as lot excess water together you can.Put the item in the dryer.Run the dryer ~ above a tenderness cycle using cool air. Hot air deserve to be too hot for polyester, damaging the fibers.

How come Shrink a 50% wool 50% Polyester Hat


Shrinking wool have the right to be tricky because it’s really easy to shrink it as well much. However, the high percent of polyester in a 50/50 wool and also polyester blend way that it might not shrink as much. Over there is still no method to determine specific amount of shrinkage, according to Tenth Street Hats.

With that being said, shrinking anything that has even a little percentage that wool needs to be excellent carefully. Here are two methods you can try to shrink a 50% wool/50% polyester hat.

The Washing Machine

Follow these actions to shrink a 50% wool/50% polyester hat.

Set the fill size to “small”.Select the tenderness cycle.Set the water temperature to warmth to save the structure from shrinking also much.Dry in the dryer on short heat, checking it every five minutes come see just how it fits.Once the fits, enable it come air dry.The Shower

You can also shot to shrink a wool and polyester hat by wearing the in the shower.

Before we get into just how to perform this, there space some precautions you have to be aware of:

Shower in warmth water, no hot.Do not get soap top top the hat.

Here’s just how to shrink a hat in the shower.

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Stand under the shower for 5 minutes to permit water come soak the hat.Gently massage the cap while that soaks to mimic the agitation that the washing machine.Use a bath towel to dried the hat and remove overabundance water.Wear the hat together it dries to maintain shape, or usage a hair dryer to rate up the drying process.


Hopefully, this short article helped you learn exactly how to shrink a equipment hat. No issue what technique you choose, remember to follow the steps carefully to avoid damaging the cap or shrinking it too much. If you took pleasure in the article, share it v others and leave a comment. Thanks for reading!