So you are having actually trouble understanding exactly how to set time on G shock 5146. Yes, it deserve to be a little confusing and also with no layman’s guide, transforming time renders it even much more frustrating. Specifically when the user hands-on is likewise not simple to understand.

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Here at Tell Me Best, I have actually tried to create the time an altering process in the simplest manner possible. The is prolonged but written to save things simple.My love withCasio began after this beautiful masterpiece G Shock Rangeman.It is going well for quite some time.I see it asoneof the ideal pieces design by them.

The same tutorial uses to it together well. Hopefully, you can easily adjust the time after going with this tutorial for 5146. You re welcome follow the actions carefully, if you space not effective from my endure you may have actually missed among the actions mentioned in this tutorial.

Know her Watch an initial before learning exactly how to collection time on G Shock 5146

It is an extremely necessary to know the various positions that buttons on your tactical armed forces g shock watch. Look at at your watch now and also consider the names of the buttons together in the image.

The top left one is button A, top right is B, Bottom left is button C and also Bottom appropriate is going to be button D. Enhance with the figure get yourself familiar with the buttons.

We know that there room tags on the buttons currently called Adjust, Mode, Reverse and also Forward. For the benefits of knowledge please neglect these labels for now and also stick come A, B, C and also D together in the picture. I will certainly be utilizing A, B, C and also D together the name of buttons for the rest of the tutorial.


What is Time keeping Mode?

By default, the g shock 5146 is in timekeeping mode. This mode tells about Time and also Date. You carry out not should go into any other setting to adjust the time. Since this guide is solely about how to set time top top g shock 5146 we will certainly not get in details around other modes such as Alarm, stopwatch, countdown timer or civilization time mode.

If you room able to number out time changing then others modes are comparable to be excellent by yourself.

Features that Timekeeping mode?

So by default, you are in timekeeping mode. If you push the D switch as in the snapshot above you will check out the home City Date. If you press this button again friend will check out the home City Time. Execute not worry around the term home city as we will cover it quickly as well.

So familiarize yourself as to where the job of the week appears, where is the city code appearing, where is the afternoon indicator, where is the month, day and also hour: minutes showing up on the watch. I have actually attached a screenshot native the user manual so you can compare and also know it easily.


Which time carry out I readjust Analog or Digital?

You execute not need to readjust the analog time. As shortly as you adjust the digital time the analog time automatically adjusts itself to the digital mode. If for some reason the analog time does not adjust itself to the digital time climate I have covered that trouble at the bottom the this post.

So an initial change digital time, if analog does not readjust then monitor the analog guide in this tutorial.

How to adjust Digital time ~ above G Shock 5146?

So now that you know what is intended by different items ~ above the screens lets begin with time an altering process. Time is changed step by action on G shock 5146. To acquire into time an altering settings host down the ‘A’ switch for about 3 seconds until you view that a 3 alphabet code is flashing ~ above the screen.

These three alphabets are a code of a city. The g shock 5146 watch is currently displaying time in this city. G shock has actually by default nearly 49 urban codes save in it. Now identify which city girlfriend are situated in. If your city is not on the list then pick the city which is closest to your current city. This is the list in order as they will show up on the watch:

PPGPago Pago-11
LAXLos Angeles-8
MEXMexico City-6
NYCNew York-5
YYTSt. Johns-3.5
RIORio De Janeiro-3
HKGHong Kong+8

How to readjust the cities?

If you press B the city code will change towards up. If you press D the city code will move downward in the over list.

Let’s take an example that you room in Los Angeles and also your clock is at this time showing the code of Miami i.e ‘MIA’. You desire to readjust it come ‘LAX’ code that is Los Angeles. Press switch B on the watch, it will move higher on the list towards upper city codes.

Similarly, if you space in Sydney (SYD) or city close come Sydney Australia and your g shock 5146 is reflecting the time of Miami (MIA), then press the ‘D’ button it will make the city code relocate downwards in the list. Friend will approach Sydney code after going with all the cities that come in between MIA and also SYD in the perform above. Alternatively, a faster route is to press B in this case as it will take you come SYD quicker due to the fact that the perform starts from the bottom as shortly as you with Pago Pago (PPG).

It is really important that you collection your city password correctly due to the fact that rest of the people time gets automatically readjusted in your watch v it.

When you are done v city code choice now push ‘C’ it will take the next option that is Daylight saving Time.


Daylight conserving is usually summer time-saving strategy. Part countries transition time by one hour from conventional time to save daylight. If your city is right now on DST then pressing ‘D’ will rotate on the DST. If you want to shift back native DST then pressing ‘D’ turns off the DST. The D button is basically on and also off (toggle) switch.

After completing the DST currently press ‘C’ again. It will take you to 12/24- Hour Format.

12/24 Hour Format

In this alternative flashing top top the screen, ‘D’ is again acting as the toggle switch. Pushing it switches in between 12H time format or 24 hours time that is a military time setting. Girlfriend will an alert that ‘P’ alphabet shows up when you set the time to 12 hours format. This suggests the time from noon previous to 11:59 pm. There is no A to indicate AM top top the watch. Also, the 24-hour format does not have actually P v it. After ~ you space done with selecting time style Press ‘C’ again.

Second, Hours, Minutes

After completing the time layout now is the time to set the time. First, you have to collection the seconds.

The minute you push C after setup 12/24 hour layout you check out 2 number flashing ~ above the screen. These space the seconds. Pressing D will include into seconds and B will certainly subtract. After setting the seconds press ‘C’ now.

Now you space in hours section as seen by the number flashing on the screen. Again by pressing D will add and B will certainly subtract. After setup hours press C again and you space in Minutes.

Setting minute is precisely the very same process. D will add and B will subtract the minutes.


After perfect time part last ar that is minutes, as soon as you press C this time you obtain into a new section which is year month and also day.

So first you will view the year flashing ~ above the screen. The rules are very same for D and B in this case as well. After choosing the year, press C again it will take you come Months component now. After setting Month, pushing C will certainly take you to Day. Rules are very same again because that day and also month together well. D to add while B subtracts.

Illumination Duration

This is the last part of time setting. It way how lot time the watch have to turn top top the irradiate to illuminate the screen. ‘D’ switch acts together the toggle switch. Pressing D will collection the choice to as LT1 or LT3. LT1 means the display screen will illuminate for 1.5 seconds while LT3 way that the screen will light for 3 seconds. Set this according to her preference. I personally choose the LT3.

Congratulations you are done with setting time now. Press A and also it will certainly take you the end of the time setups to typical timekeeping mode.

HOW TO change ANALOG TIME that G SHOCK 5146

If analog time walk not get automatically readjusted after you collection the digital time climate this means that because of the strong magnetic ar or part hard affect has influenced the mechanically side that the watch. In bespeak to solve the digital time, you have to ensure that rate hand is at 9 hour or pointed to 50 and minute and hour hands room both pointing come 12. Here are the procedures to do that:

Press down the D switch for 3 seconds and also you will check out letters ‘SUB’ flashing ~ above the screen. View the enclosed screenshotAdjust the position of speed hand to 50 (9 o’clock). Usage ‘D’ to move it clockwise to with there. After that is in ~ 50 currently press ‘C’.Now make certain that both hour and also minute hands are pointing to 12. To do that usage the D switch to relocate hands.

Now push ‘A’ the watch will certainly go earlier into the timekeeping mode. You have now effectively reset the analog time. As soon as girlfriend quit the analog time mediate mode, the watch analog time and also speed dial automatically readjust themselves come the present digital time.

If you are still not successful then repeat the above steps again. If the clock still does not respond then its time to call the manufacturer and get skilled help.

The procedure of just how to set time on g shock is comparable to the of shark watch complying with the over steps need to solve your problem.

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