Casio atom watches are made by the Tokyo-based Casio computer system Company, Ltd. The atomic watch uses low-frequency radio signals that receive transmissions from time train station located approximately the world. The stations carry out the most accurate time available. Casio’s G-Shock and also Wave Ceptor Combi watches room multifunctional watches that update the moment for accuracy daily.

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There are four buttons ~ above the leaf of the situation of an analog/digital Casio atomic watch. The buttons are situated at 2, 4, 8 and 10 o’clock. The switch in the 8 o’clock place sets the civilization time, alarm, day alert, time recorder, stopwatch and also hand setup modes. The 2 o’clock button illuminates the display. Set your atomic clock in one area clear of large buildings or mountains to receive a solid radio signal.

You can set the Casio atomic clock to the city the next to whereby you will wear the watch. If girlfriend live in the unified States, set the watch to the Ft. Collins, Colo., watch station time. Host down the switch in the 10 o’clock position until “USA” is flashing. Press the 4 o’clock switch for east cities and also 2 o’clock because that western cities. Because that example, if you live in las Vegas, collection it to “LAX” for Los Angeles by pushing the 2 o’clock button. Press the 10 o’clock switch to exit. The time re-calibrates automatically daily.

Press the button in the 8 o’clock position to access the alarm mode. Then press the 4 o’clock switch to access the alarm display screens that carry out four alarms and also one snooze alarm. Select an alarm, such together “AL1,” and also then host down the 10 o’clock switch until the hour flashes. The 8 o’clock button allows you to move in between the hour and also minutes setting. The 4 o’clock button developments the time display and 2 o’clock reverses it. Once set, leave the alarm mode by pressing the 10 o’clock button.

Press the switch in the 8 o’clock position until you accessibility the day alert setting on the Casio atom watch. Choose a mode such as “DA1” and then organize down the 10 o’clock button until the appropriate month appears. Then press the switch in the 8 o’clock position to move between the month and date. Use the 4 o’clock button to advancement the date and 2 o’clock to reverse the day until the ideal date is illuminated. Leave by pressing the 10 o’clock button.

Press the button in the 8 o’clock position until you uncover the stopwatch the illuminates “00:00.” push the 4 o’clock switch to start elapsed time, then again to avoid it. Push the button in the 10 o’clock place to clear the function.

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