South Korea has actually traditionally to be an attractive marketplace for U.S. Businesses. A recent trade agreement makes it even much more appealing. On march 15, 2012 the free-trade covenant (FTA) between the U.S. And South Korea take it effect, making that the first FTA between the U.S. And also a major Asian economy.  

With the implementation the the FTA between the U.S. And also South Korea, about 80 percent that industrial and also consumer U.S. Exports to southern Korea will end up being duty-free, follow to the Office of the United states Trade Representative. Through 2017 practically 95 percent that the bilateral profession in consumer and also industrial assets will become duty-free, and also by 2022 most remaining tariffs will certainly be eliminated. With these changes, U.S. Companies may uncover their products much more competitive v the exact same or comparable products at this time traded or developed in southern Korea. 



Your Shipping Options uses you a choice: premium services as soon as timing is urgent and also economy services once reliability and savings are most important. Take benefit of ours most well-known® services for shipping to southern Korea.1 

International ServiceTransit TimeTransit Time
U.S. Come S. KoreaS. Korea to U.S.

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1 For additional service options, view the worldwide shipping solutions chart. We likewise offer two flat-rate packaging choices for her international Priority® shipments: the® 10kg Box and also the® 25kg Box. This flat-rate shipping boxes are complimentary and obtainable at refer locations, including World company Center® locations and Office® Print and also Ship Centers. Learn an ext about our flat-rate shipping in southern KoreaOur infrastructure offers your business accessibility to South oriental customers and also suppliers. With country headquarters in Seoul, began Korean to work in 1988 and also has a key gateway in ~ Incheon worldwide Airport, southern Korea’s largest and also one of the world busiest airports in freight and cargo traffic. Us operate more than 40 flights weekly into and also out of southern Korea, ensuring her packages come on time. flies the Boeing 777 Freighter straight from Memphis come Incheon worldwide Airport, offering time-definite organization for her shipments. And, when it comes to expanding your an international business through confidence and also reliability, AsiaOne — our unsurpassed overnight shipment network in Asia — is second to none. Our dedicated network, with an ext than 230 intra-Asia flights per week, gives express service in between 22 an essential Asian cities. Express now delivers documents and packages native the U.S., Canada and also select markets in Latin America to Seoul, southern Korea, in just 2 to 3 company days. We likewise offer the faster freight shipping native the U.S., Canada and also Latin America come Seoul.


Document Assistance

Every country has that is own personalizeds requirements and shipping specifications. We’ve simplified global shipping with® digital Trade records (ETD). By automating the preparation and flow of worldwide documents, ETD conserves you money when ensuring on-time delivery of shipments to southern Korea. The required records are country-specific, through prompts to help you prepare every little thing needed for a shipment to south Korea and other worldwide destinations.

To stop delays, all papers must be correct and also consistent. The air waybill and also Commercial Invoice need some the the very same information:

"Consignee" is the recipient, the person to who a delivery is being sent.“Shipper” is the sender, the human with who the distribution originates.The worth to explain for personalizeds purposes is the price paid or payable because that the goods, including any selling commissions, assists, royalties, packing and proceeds. The does not incorporate freight and insurance charges.A description of the contents contains the following details about the product:What the product isWhat product it’s made ofSchedule B or HTS password Intended use nation of manufacture parts or serial numbers (if applicable)Quantity and also unit of measureValue, per unit and also in totalAdditional TipsResearch your sector thoroughly. The marketplace, economy, customs and laws in south Korea space quite various from those you might be accustomed come in the U.S.Ensure your project is economically feasible. U.S. Businesses should be specifically thorough about revenue projections once entering the southern Korea marketplace.Know your associates. acquire to understand your company contact in southern Korea v your legit counsel, in enhancement to doing your own research.Establish a very specific contract. With any type of business associate who resides in another country, that a good idea to employ even much more detailed terms and also conditions 보다 you can with a U.S. Associate.Understand your payment terms. southern Korea’s payment custom-mades differ native those in the U.S. In numerous ways, so include very certain payment terms to certain you are paid in full and on time.Protect your pundit property rights. U.S. Businesses must not yet depend on the same defense of their intellectual property the they reap in the U.S. Your ideal strategy is to protect yourself indigenous infringement prior to you encounter a problem.

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