Camera roll photograph of a squirrel from earlier. There’s no “Camera” caption listed below it, for this reason the recipient knows that ns didn’t just take this picture on the app.

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A fake camera for Kik will put that “Camera” caption on camera roll/photo collection photos, therefore I might pretend the I just saw the squirrel outside and took a snapshot with Kik simply then if I want to.


Why usage a Fake Kik Camera? 3 Reasons

Here room three reasons why you could want to use a fake camera on Kik to fake “live” photos.


Practical Jokes

Using a fake camera because that Kik is a an excellent way come play helpful jokes on your friends. Here are part ideas. Some need photoshop skills but others just need a fake camera because that Kik:

Photoshop you yourself into meeting a celebrityPretend you just got a brand-new tattoo or dramatic haircutPhotoshop a cast or various other injury onto you yourself or send “live” pics of a nearby hospitalPhotoshop large bugs right into your house (ew)Send “live” photos from exotic locations. Trick your friends into thinking you’re in Hawaii or rise a mountain!Send “live” picture of fake weather—snow in July?!Send “live” picture of wild pets roaming the area

Of course, the photo is only half the battle—you need to sell it v your messages!


Indulge in take self Laziness

Hey, sometimes your to like asks because that a selfie and you’re in sweatpants with dirty hair. Us won’t referee if you use a fake Kik camera to send a cute take self from yesterday together a live camera pic.


To answer to undesirable Advances

Unless you have actually your account set up to screen messages from unknown accounts, pretty much anyone on Kik deserve to message you. (This is why it’s no a good idea to short article your Kik surname on public social media platforms choose Twitter. girlfriend may get a many creepy undesirable messages.)

If who does send you an unwanted message, remember the you can constantly block them at any kind of time. However, you deserve to also use it as an possibility to bamboozle a creep. Here’s my two-step creep-confusing technique of choice:

Step 1: Choose a humorous persona. This can be a person, animal, celebrity, etc. Maybe you’re an enthusiasm Shiba Inu who simply really wants to go on a walk. Probably you’re Khloe Kardashian. Or possibly you’re a shadowy hit male or a crotchety grandma.

Step 2: Completely embody this persona in responding to every messages native this person. “Live” pics, whether they space celebrity self cribbed from Instagram, net photos that dogs, or fake live pics of her katana collection, are the icing ~ above the cake.

Of course, the other human will more than likely realize that you are not really a robot or a bird or Mariah Carey sending out them live pics, but you’ll be too busy cackling to care.


How To usage a Fake Kik Camera

Once did you do it downloaded the Kik app, you’ll have to download the Kik fake camera application of your choice. There are lots of fake Kik camera apps the end there draft to work with various phone types, so shop around on app stores and read reviews and comments to check out which one could work ideal for you. Reddit is an additional place you deserve to turn for app recommendations and troubleshooting.

When you find the app you want, download it to your phone with the application store.

After that, once you use the “live” camera function on Kik, it will ask girlfriend to pick the camera you desire to use. You’ll be able to select the fake camera app and then role to the picture in her camera role that friend want. Pick it, and it will certainly send together a live photo!

Note that friend may need to uninstall her up-to-date Kik app and re-install an previously version to gain some of these fake camera because that Kik apps come work.


A note on Safety

Remember the since you can use a fake Kik camera to send faked “live” photos, other human being can, too! due to the fact that Kik allows members to keep their anonymity, you can not necessarily think what anyone says around themselves top top the app or that the “live” photos castle send space real. Don’t get catfished!

Never send any type of personally identifying information through Kik. Also, nothing send picture of you yourself to people you don’t understand in real life. No everyone top top the application has an excellent intentions, especially people you nothing know. Stranger peril on the internet is real.

Remember, Kik also has functions that permit you come block users and also to display messages from human being outside your network.


Fake Camera for Kik: key Points

A Kik fake camera app permits you to send camera roll pictures from her phone as “live” pictures, as though you just took them native the app. You have the right to use this function to prank her friends, send the most flattering selfies, and also respond humorously to undesirable messages.

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There are numerous fake camera apps the end there; friend may have to search around to uncover one the works v your phone.

Always keep internet safety in mind—don’t send personally identifying details or photos of yourself to civilization you don’t know in actual life!