Trying to figure out just how much Robux (money) you or her child has actually spent in Roblox? Roblox Corporation has made it reasonably simple come see just how much cash you"ve sunken right into the game, yet it deserve to be a bit daunting to find.

If you"re curious about how countless Robux you"ve offered since starting playing about in the expansive world of Roblox, we"ve got a solution for you. Here"s exactly how you can inspect your Roblox purchase history so you have the right to know at a glance what her Robux security is feather like.

How to inspect your Roblox purchase history

Source: Roblox Corporation

If you"re prepared to inspect your Roblox acquisition history, you can rest assured understanding there isn"t a major production compelled to do so, and it"s nice painless. Every you must do is log right into Roblox in any type of browser. After logging in, click the Robux icon (resembling a monochromatic protect against sign with a white center). It need to be at the optimal right of your screen.

You have to see your existing Robux worth there. Just click on it and you"ll be required to the My Transactions page. From here, you deserve to view your money Purchases end the past day, week, month, or year. Girlfriend can likewise view her Purchases to see exactly what you invested your Robux on.

Source: Roblox Corporation

You have the right to do this procedure from any browser, therefore if you"re ever before curious around how lot Robux you"ve to be dropping prior to you decision if girlfriend really need that new game, this is the method to perform it.

You can check her Robux balance there together well. It"s also available to examine on the Roblox cell phone app. Every you should do is log into the exact same account the you purchase the Robux with and also view her balance at the top of the screen.

That"s about all you need to know if you want to see exactly how much cash you"ve spent in Roblox. You may be surprised at your results.

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Or you might want to, if you"re a parent, begin taking a sneak peek at this amount periodically to see what your kids are increase to.

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