Do friend know any type of ways to wish someone a ‘Merry Christmas’ in Spanish? brings you easy-to-learn translations and also the exactly pronunciation of Spanish Christmas phrases!

Christmas is the yearly commemorative festival of Christ’s bear in the western Christian Church. It takes place on December 25th and is usually celebrated with much food and fanfare! However, not all cultures celebrate Christmas. In part countries, Christmas is not even a publicly holiday! However, numerous countries have adapted Christmas and its religious definition to tally through their very own beliefs, or just in acknowledgment of the festival’s prominence to other cultures. If you desire to impress aboriginal Spanish speakers with culturally-appropriate Christmas phrases and vocabulary, will certainly teach girlfriend the most necessary ways to wish someone a ‘Merry Christmas’ in Spanish!


Table of Contents

1. Exactly how to storage Christmas in Mexico


One of the many special days for Mexican families is Christmas or “Navidad”. As many of you probably currently know, this is the holiday organized in celebration event of the bear of Jesus. Throughout the Christmas season, every the roadways in Mexico come to be filled v light and decorations. Prefer the streets, the houses additionally undergo a complete transformation, and also the whole family typically helps in the process.

People in Mexico, like much of the remainder of the Christian civilization decorate a Christmas tree, or in Spanish, “árbol de Navidad”, and place a existing for each family member under it. They additionally typically put up a nativity scene, portraying Jesus’s birth.

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Houses room cleaned till they are spotless and also ready to receive all the family members members, including some they perhaps haven’t met up v all year. Households come with each other to prepare food and also enjoy a classic Christmas dinner, or “cena de Navidad”. During December 24, all family members are busy food preparation up a storm, the an outcome of i m sorry they will certainly eat end the food of the following two to 3 days. The most common dishes are “romeros” (rosemary v mole sauce and pork), “bacalao” (salted fish cooked v vegetables and also spices), “pierna” (marinated pork small in the oven), and shrimp soup.

Dinner is often served at 12am, climate the presents are opened up one through one and shown come the rest of the family, and there is additionally joking, drinking and enjoying the time spent together together a family.

2. Vacation Greetings and also Wishes for the holiday Season


1- merry Christmas!

¡Feliz Navidad!

Do friend know exactly how to to speak ‘Merry Christmas’ in Spanish? Learn right here how to pronounce it perfectly! ‘Merry’ means to it is in joyful, come celebrate and generally be in good spirits. So, through this expression you room wishing who a joyful, celebratory remembrance the Christ’s birth!

2- Happy Kwanzaa!

¡Feliz Kwanzaa!

Surprise her African-American, or West African aboriginal friends v this expression over the Christmas holidays! Kwanzaa is a seven-day, non-religious celebration, starting on Dec 26th each year. It has its roots in african American modern history, and many world celebrate both Kwanzaa and also Christmas!

3- have actually a happy brand-new Year!

¡Que tengas un feliz año nuevo!

In nations where Christmas is not officially celebrated, however a Gregorian calendar is observed, this would be a trusted festive-season wish over brand-new Year.

4- Happy Hanukkah!

¡Feliz Hanukkah!

Hanukkah is the beautiful Hebrew festival over November or December every year. That is additionally called the ‘Festival of Lights’ and also is celebrated to commemorate the Jewish liberty of religion.

5- have actually a good winter vacation!

Que tengas unas vacaciones invernales fantásticas

This is a good phrase to save handy if someone doesn’t watch any spiritual festival end the Christmas holidays! However, this will only be applicable in the northern hemisphere, where it is winter end Christmas.

6- check out you next year!

¡Nos vemos el próximo año!

Going away on vacation over Christmas season, or speak goodbye come someone around to leave on vacation? This would certainly be a an excellent way come say goodbye to her friends and family.

7- warm wishes!

¡Mis mejores deseos!

An informal, friendly phrase to create in Spanish Christmas cards, particularly for secular friend who like to observe Christmas celebrations there is no the spiritual symbolism. That conveys the warm of friendship and friendly wishes associated with this time that year.

8- Happy holidays!

¡Felices vacaciones!

If friend forget how to say ‘Merry Christmas!’ in Spanish, this is a safe, generic expression to use instead.

9- reap the holidays!

¡Disfruta las vacaciones!

After saying ‘Merry Christmas’ in Spanish, this would be a great phrase through which to wish Christmas holiday-goers well! the is also an excellent to use for secular friends who don’t storage Christmas yet take a holiday currently of the year.

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10- finest wishes because that the new Year!

¡Mis mejores deseos para el año nuevo!

This is another method of wishing someone fine in the brand-new Year if they observe a Gregorian calendar. New Year’s day would certainly then fall on January 1st.