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Greetings folks. We space feeling an excellent at We had actually such a great response come the critical post, The 6 Most essential Phrases in Hebrew, that we made decision to bust out one more one. In the next few weeks we are going come talk about making the language her own and also making the personal. That means learning words and expressions the are appropriate to you and your life. After ~ all, you will do it learn far better when girlfriend are learning to talk about things the are crucial to you, not vital to her college professor. Today, however, we room still working on structure our confidence. Therefore, I want to teach you the 5 most important Hebrew greetings. around 13 years back when I first started finding out conversational Hebrew my very first focus to be greetings... “Hello”, “good morning”, “good night”, etc. I was always meeting up v people and also speaking whenever ns could, v anyone ns could. Though ns wasn’t maybe to use my Hebrew come chat about politics or rocket scientific research (I can’t really execute that in English either) I was able to impress them v a nice polished greeting. Once I acquired the greetings going i felt the I can do this. I can speak Hebrew. Now, let’s remember that us gotta say ‘em through pride, choose we very own these greetings. So below we go:

1. Those happening?

מַה קוֹרֶה?

Mah Koreh?

2. Great morning!

!בוֹקֶר טוֹב

Boker Tov!

3. An excellent afternoon!

צָהָרַיִם טוֹבִים!

Tzaharayim Tovim!

4. Great evening!

עֶרֶב טוֹב!

Erev Tov!

5. Good night!

לַילָה טוֹב!

Layla Tov!

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Now, these greetings work simply as they do in English. For example, once you see someone in the morning girlfriend greet v “Good Morning!” - Boker tov!, but when you leaving you to speak “See friend later”- Lehitra’ot! “Good evening”- Erev tov!, is provided for the evening and also night ~ above greeting and also when you leaving you’ll speak “Good night” - Layla tov!. Click on the video clip below to view Moshe say this words! once you greet someone nothing be recorded off guard if they begin speaking Hebrew, machine-gun fast. That way you said it fine ;) In a future article we’ll learn how to get those Israeli speed-speakers to sluggish down. even though i tried to make this easy-shmeezy, some of you could be thinking whoah! How deserve to I find out 5 greetings for this reason fast? SO below is what I want you to execute -- choose a couple of greetings and make a actual decision that you are gonna find out ‘em. leave a comment below and also let us know which ones friend think you deserve to handle. We will cheer friend on! view ya’ in the comment ;)
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