You’ve been driving through new Albany choose normal as soon as suddenly, you an alert a brand-new dashboard light upper and lower reversal on. The amber-colored light is most likely your maintain light, indicating the you must schedule a company – however do girlfriend know just how to reset maintain light ~ above Toyota Camry models? It’s easy. Learn exactly how to reset her lights while friend wait for your appointment v Toyota the Louisville!

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Reset maintenance Light: Toyota Camry Instructions

Learning exactly how to rotate off the maintenance light top top Toyota Camry just takes a couple of minutes to master, yet you’ll require to relocate quickly! we recommend looking end the accuse a couple of times before you start, therefore you can be ready for each step – the timing deserve to be tricky.

Put your vital in the ignition and flip to position one. This is the an initial setting prior to you start the engine.Push and also hold the dashboard odometer button and also turn the vital to place two.Keep holding the odometer switch until the maintain light starts to flash. You might even hear beeping noises. The light need to go out.Let go of the odometer button and start her car.If the irradiate is off when you begin your car, the process is complete.If the light is quiet on, repeat the process.

Scheduling Maintenance

While it’s straightforward to revolve off maintain light ~ above Toyota Camry models, don’t forget come schedule a organization appointment! Your maintenance light mister on when you’re due because that a visit come the shop, usually approximately 5,000 miles. At that 5,000-mile marker, friend should take into consideration the following routine maintenance services:

Filter changeTire rotationMulti-point inspection

Of course, our technicians are happy to fine-tune your maintenance appointment based upon your car’s make and model, her driving style, and other factors.

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Just contact our Louisville company center and also we’ll make sure your car gets the treatment that the needs!

Schedule Your organization with Toyota of Louisville

The technicians in ~ Toyota of Louisville are constantly happy to help our next-door neighbors in Elizabethtown and Lexington, therefore feel free to schedule her appointment at her convenience! whether you need basic maintenance, choose finding outhow lengthy oil alters take,why your car is leaking water, gaining a Toyota an essential fob replacement, or a much more substantial repair, our team will bring out the an extremely best in her vehicle. Check out our business specials and consider our Toyota Express service if you’re short on time!