When a garment zipper breaks, it can be tempting to toss the totality garment into the garbage (or to rescue the materials for your sewing stash, i beg your pardon isn’t always a bad thing!). The following time you think around tossing a favourite item, take a minute to shot replacing the zipper first. You’ll conserve your wardrobe and also your wallet in ~ the exact same time!


We’ve got instructions for replacing a zipper in the fly of a pair of pants (or a skirt, for that matter) and also for replacing a separating zipper in a jacket. Walk dig v your closet and also find a damaged zipper to experiment on, and let’s gain to work!

Supplies you will do it Need:

seam rippermeasuring tapepinsreplacement zipperhand sewing needlethreadsewing device (zipper foot optional but oh so an extremely useful)

How to change the Zipper in a Pair of Pants


Step 1 – eliminate the damaged zipper. Use a seam ripper to eliminate the bland that hold the zipper into the paris of the pants. You will do it be producing a bag in in between the fly shield (the cloth that goes between your body and also the zipper) and the fly front. As soon as you reach the optimal or bottom of the zipper (at the waistband and also the base of the fly), simply reduced the zipper together close to the towel of the pants as you can. Don’t remove the bland in this areas.

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Step 2 – slip the brand-new zipper right into place. With the best side that the zipper encountering up, on slide the zipper ice cream on one side into the pocket you do in action 1 (between the paris top and also the fly shield). Pin it right into place and also use a zipper foot* ~ above your device to do a straight line of stitching as close come the leaf of the fly height as you have the right to (make sure the fly top has actually a folded sheet so over there aren’t any type of exposed, raw towel edges).

Tip: Make sure to use the same color thread together the remainder of the stitching in the pants, so your new zipper will blend in seamlessly come the overall style of the pants.

Step 3 – Stitch the various other side the the zipper. Unzip the zipper and also pin the unsewn side to the within of the paris overlap. Functioning on the inside of the jeans, usage a sturdy needle and thread to hand sew the zipper tape into this position. Make sure to only record the inner great of towel on the fly overlap, so her stitches will not show through top top the front of the pants. 

How to replace a Zipper in a coat or Coat

Step 1 – measure up the broken zipper.Measure the length of the zipper in the jacket or coat, and purchase a separating zipper in the same size from your local craft or sewing store. Try to match the color of the zipper as very closely as you can, too – or experiment and also have fun through a brand-new contrasting color! (Why not? You’re replacing it anyway!)

Step 2 – eliminate the damaged zipper. Use her seam ripper to remove the stitches holding the present zipper in the jacket. Traction the zipper out and also remove any stray threads. The jacket must now have a pocket because that the new zipper to fit into.

Step 3 – darn in the brand-new zipper top top one side. Using one next of the zipper just at first, open up up the prior of the “pocket” seam from the jacket so that the raw edge is exposed. Place the zipper top-side-down on peak of this raw edge and also line increase the leaf of the zipper tape with the sheet of the fabric. Bland the zipper down, close to the edge, utilizing a basting stitch.

Fold the zipper and the leaf of the fabric earlier inside the pocket and use a zipper foot* come sew the great together. Make sure the ago seam of the bag is folded neatly inside, and pin follow me the zipper to save it in position as girlfriend sew.

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Step 4 – darn in the zipper on the various other side. The key to this step is come make certain that the zipper currently up when it is closed, so start by zipping up the zipper, and also then on slide the unsewn side of the zipper tape right into the pocket on the unsewn side of the jacket. Hand baste a few stitches, climate unzip the zipper and baste the rest. Zip the zipper again to do sure whatever will heat up, and then usage your zipper foot and sewing device to bland the zipper into position permanently. Eliminate the basting stitches with a seam ripper.

*Don’t have a zipper foot? it is okay! when you make your stitches, merely move her sewing machine needle come the left or ideal so that it will line up appropriately along the sheet of her fabric and you won’t have to sew end the zipper teeth.

Do you have any zipper sewing advice to share? Leave us a keep in mind in the comments below!


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