Stratton 5HP Roto TillerI cannot figure out how to open it up to obtain to the rope. The casing around the rope appears to be riveted on.

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The starter assembly is riveted ~ above the engine shroud. If you select to change the whole starter assembly, you have to drill or knock the end those rivets. The new starter assembly come with tiny nuts and bolts to put in ar of the rivets.If you're just replacing the rope, us don't need to concern with any of that.It is far easier to carry out this project with the engine shroud off the engine. Once you have it off, you deserve to sit down take your time. It's just easier, please trust me. Acquire your new rope and a couple of screwdrivers (small is good in this application). If you'll revolve the sheave inside the starter assembly (the rope wraps about this) one way or the other, you'll notification that in one direction it build tension and when you relax it, the springs back. Keep in mind the direction that you were turning when it was building tension. Now, have actually one of those little screwdrivers close to your hand, but not in it. Then start to turn the wheel in the direction that it builds tension. Keep turning. Be mindful not to let go of it. If you let walk or that slips, you get to begin over. And after a few times of that happening, this isn't fun anymore. If you should stop or let go for any reason, take it the driver that is near to your hand and stick it with from the outside of the shroud to wherein it will organize pressure. Climate you can collection it down if you require to. You want to wind that thing until it it s okay pretty hard to wind the anymore. Then use the driver that's near to her hand to block the off and also old it in place. Take her string and fish it v the hole. There will be a hole in the sheave somewhere. You'll require to enhance those feet up for this reason the cable can conveniently go native one feet right into the other. Traction it through and also tie a great knot therefore the rope cannot pull earlier through resulting in you to have to start over again and also making this no fun.Once you have actually the rope pulled with both holes and knotted securely, grad the long component of the rope and also remove the screw driver. The starter should start come wind the rope down right into it. Under no situations are you come let the starter take the rope native you and suck that up all the way. If friend do, you get to start anywhere again. When the rope is pulled under to where you room running the end of rope or the won't pull no longer anymore, you can then placed the take care of on the rope.Once that's all done, you have the right to put the engine shroud back on and you need to be ready to till.If every one of this seems favor too much work, you can buy the totality starter assembly and also knock the rivets out, bolt the new starter on, put the shroud back on, then walk till.

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It's usually much easier and also much less time come just obtain the starter. Yet the starter is a bit an ext than just the rope and 20 mins the time.