Before leaving the factory, ceramic tiles will be waxed on the surface. Wax coating is mostly to prevent accidental damages of ceramic tiles in the later laying and also construction process. The special wax layer on the surface is the main reason for the dark light of ceramic tiles, so removing the wax top top tiles have the right to restore the shine of tiles, and also improve the antifouling power of ceramic tiles surface at the very same time, because the uniform wiping of dewaxing have the right to well to fill the small pores on the ceramic brick surface, make the antifouling molecules on the surface ar of the antifouling layer more evenly distributed, so as to improve that antifouling performance and wear resistance.

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Tools you Will need For remove Wax ~ above Ceramic Tile

Acidic brick cleaner (ex: TileGuard)Non-metallic scrub brush or padWaterFloor cleanerMopTowels or soft cloths

How do You eliminate Wax native Ceramic Tiles - techniques For removing Wax

For gaining wax off the tiles, making use of the side of the spoon, scrape off excess wax top top the ceramic tile. Using a spoon is essential because its rounded edge will not scratch the glazing the the tile. Use the utensil to remove hefty wax layers.On the dried tile surface, sprinkle some washing powder (or flour, dewaxing powder and also other powder), and then usage a rag (or dry towel) come wipe tough until the wax on tile is removed.Sprinkle a particular concentration that washing flour water ~ above the ceramic tile, wipe gently v a stole wire round first, and then wipe twice with a dry cloth.Purchase unique tile cleaner because that cleaning wax indigenous new-laid tile floor or wall, recommend powder tile Cleaner, no side impacts on human being skin.

After the polishing process, the surface ar of the ceramic tile is typically waxed, and also then a class of plastic movie of the same size as the ceramic brick is added to sheathe the surface of the ceramic tile.

Its role is to prevent the wax layer indigenous overflowing and to stabilize the wax layer on the ceramic tile surface.Because wax is one organic chemical substance, if exposed come the air because that a lengthy time, it will be oxidized, i m sorry will cause the wax layer to solidify ~ above the surface ar of the ceramic tile, increasing the unnecessary process in the later stage.Before the ceramic tile is put into storage and packed, in order to protect against the ceramic brick being scratched, in the whole box packaging of tiles, tiles and tiles space stacked according to the rules of face-to-face and back-to-back. Brick protective film plays a very good isolation duty when ceramic tiles room stacked follow to the face-to-face specifications.

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If the plastic protective movie is not torn off prior to tiling, that may cause the difficulty of tearing turn off the plastic film attached to the ceramic tile after the completion of tiling, substantially increasing the workload, and at the very same time, the is simple to cause unnecessary after-sales problems. Therefore, prior to tiling v plastic film, the plastic security film have to be take it off.