Most likely you would favor remove the difficult drive from computer system instead the shipping out the whole unit come data restore lab. Most of Toshiba computer systems designed for simple removing the drive as soon as it is necessary. This write-up maybe advantageous if you shed the original manual for your laptop, or just do not have actually time to search and also read one.

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Basically, a screwdriver and also concise direction room all what you need for fast and also successful journey removal manipulation.

After journey was removed, very closely look in ~ it. You might find couple of attached things that space not parts of the drive. Execute not forget come remove and retain because that future usage all brackets and also connectors or SATA adaptors from the drive, due to the fact that they a not needed for data recovery process. Save them because that the brand-new drive installation.


A usual HDD/SSD remove instruction for most of Toshiba Laptops

1.Turn off the power of the computer and also remove the AC adapter. 2.Unlock and also remove the battery fill from the computer. 3.Release the memory cover screw and also remove the storage cover. 4.Release the SSD cover screw and also remove the SSD cover. 5.Remove the complying with SSD pack.
Pic. 1 Toshiba Portege upside down
Pic.2 remove a cover

Few facts around Toshiba Laptop difficult Drives

Toshiba Tecra models with HDD and SSD.

Toshiba Tecra Z50-034014 has actually a 1.0 TB, 5400 RPM hard Disk journey (HDD).

Toshiba Tecra C50-C1501, C50-C1503, C40-C1401 have a 750 GB, 5400 RPM difficult Disk journey (HDD)

Toshiba Tecra C50-01301H, C40-0ND03K have a 500 GB, 7200 RPM tough Disk journey (HDD)

Toshiba Tecra Z50-034007 has actually a 512 GB M.2 heavy State journey (SSD)

Toshiba Tecra Z40-C1411, A50-C1543, A50-03P01G have a 256 GB M.2 solid State journey (SSD).

Toshiba Tecra C40-D1400ED, A50-02J01E have a 128 GB M.2 solid State journey (SSD)

TOSHIBA Portege Convertible v SSD.

Toshiba Portege X20W-D1200ED, X20W-D1252, X20W-D58E1M, X20W-D58E1M have actually a 256 GB M.2 hard State journey (SSD)

Toshiba Satellite C70, C50, L and P series Laptops

Toshiba Satellite C55D-B5385, C50D-C00V (PSCQEA-00V00H), C70-C00M (PSCSJA-00M00F), L50-C036 (PSKWNA-036002), L50-C02X (PSKWSA-02X003), L70-C00J (PSKZEA-00J00H), P50-C00W (PSPTSA-00W006) have 1.0 TB, 5400 RPM difficult Disk journey (HDD)

Toshiba Satellite P70-B097 (PSPPNA-09700M) has a 1TB, 5400rpm hybrid drive through 8GB hard state cache (SSHD).

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Toshiba Satellite C50D-C00U (PSCQEA-00U00H) has actually a 500GB 5400rpm HDD

Toshiba Satellite P50-C00X (PSPTSA-00X006) has actually a 256GB M.2-based heavy state drive

Pic.3 removing a tough drive from old SatelliteToshiba Satellite Radius Series

Toshiba Radius L10W 11-B00L (PSKVUA-00L001), L40W 14 L40W-C009 (PSLZAA-009001) have actually 128GB solid state journey (SSD)

After you space done through the hard drive removed you may proceed come placing the data restore order.

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