Judy asked: How do I clean increase melted, cheap aluminum paper? I have a brand brand-new stove, and like one idiot, I inserted a paper of aluminum file on the bottom cooktop pan (for drips). It was straight over the heating unit, and also after utilizing the cooktop a couple of times, the aluminum was fully melted on. I have actually tried whatever to eliminate it, and over the previous three days, have gotten off about 75% the the mess! i can’t clean the rest! Any aid would it is in appreciated together this oven is brand new!


have been lining your ovens with aluminum silver paper to defend it from drips because that decades, but the very trick once provided to safeguard an old stove can ruin a brand-new one in just minutes. New ovens have the heating facet below the bottom liner, which makes the bottom the the oven get nearly as hot as the heating element itself. It might seem impossible to remove, but thanks come our numerous wonderful website readers who have actually encountered this problem, we recognize of threemethods that deserve to remove the foil.

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The oven Cleaner Method

Many oven cleaner labels, together as basic Off, warn no to usage it ~ above aluminum since it will eat the aluminum. In this case, that’s exactly what we want to happen.

You will Need:

Oven cleaner (sodium hydroxide-based solution)


Let the range cool completely.Carefully scrape turn off as much foil as feasible with a razor blade.Ventilate the area.Spray the oven cleaner top top the spots.Leave the cleaner on the point out for around 20 minutes, then wipe the area clean.Repeat the procedure as many times as important to eliminate the foil.Wash the area come remove any type of remaining residue from the cooktop cleaner.

The naval Jelly Method

Dozens of site users have written in to say that they have properly used naval Jelly to remove the silver paper residue. However, numerous have also said the the navy Jelly left some shiny or dark clues in location of the foil. Some people think these clues are because of the Teflon that’s in non-stick aluminum foil. This doesn’t always happen, and to those that does, they normally say the spots are barely noticeable. An additional commenter (Thanks Tess!) claims that navy Jelly have the right to “remove bluing native steel” and also should thus not be used on blue oven interiors. (Many thanks to BK who originally said this method!)

You will certainly Need:

Naval Jelly Rust Dissolver (available at a hardware store)


Let the oven cool completely.Carefully scrape turn off as lot foil as feasible with a razor blade.Ventilate the area well.Put ~ above gloves.Apply a thick layer that the naval Jelly ~ above the foil spots.Wipe the area clean.If needed, usage a razor blade to remove more pieces of silver paper that have been loosened by the jelly. Rather of making use of a razor blade, you may have the ability to use a item of tape come pull turn off the foil.Repeat the procedure as countless times as necessary to remove all the foil. It may take 2 or an ext attempts to obtain it all.Wash the area come remove any type of residue native the jelly.

The vapor Method

This an approach has just been report by one site user (Thanks J.B.L.!), but due to the fact that it’s an all-natural method and they had actually success through it, we want to include it. Together a warning though, perform not use level vinegar there is no neutralizing it v baking soda. Several others have done that (tried come use only vinegar, no steam) and said the the fumes indigenous the pure vinegar bring about corrosion in other parts of the oven, such as on the racks or fan. Baking soda is a base and will neutralize the acid in the vinegar.

You will Need:

White vinegarBaking sodaA towelWater

Steps to remove the Foil:

Put part baking soda in a bowl, then pour in a tiny white vinegar. The mixture will certainly fizz and also foam up; the is the reaction the the acid and base neutralizing each other. Add a very small amount of vinegar in ~ a time and stir that in completely with the baking soda, then proceed adding much more until you make a thick dough that is around the consistency that peanut butter or toothpaste, no soup.Spread the paste over the foil and leave it on overnight.The following morning, wipe turn off the paste. It may have actually dried out.Soak a towel with water. (Be certain to use a noodle towel, no a synthetic fiber choose polyester or rayon i m sorry is much more susceptible to heat.) Make sure the bath towel has sufficient water top top it the it will not dry out and catch fire.Fold the towel and lay it over the silver paper area.Turn top top the oven at 200 degrees F, close the door, and wait 30 minutes. The water ~ above the bath towel will revolve to steam that will cause the silver paper to relax from the cooktop floor.Wait because that the stove to cool, then very closely peel turn off the piece of foil.

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Additional Tips and Advice

Many site users have additionally recommended making use of The works Toilet key Cleaner rather of naval Jelly together it works lot faster. However, they additionally say the you must wear gloves and that the fumes are intense. Also, this tip might no much longer be useful; as of 2017, The works has decreased the amount of hydrogen chloride (it’s active ingredient) indigenous 20% to 9.5%, so people who had success through this product in the past may have actually been using the stronger version.If noneof the above methods job-related to remove the foil,the bottom key of the oven can sometimes it is in replaced relatively cheaply, generally for less than $100.00. Call your manufacturer because that a replacement component and indict on installation it. This is just true if the bottom key is a separate component (as opposed to the entire interior the the range being every one piece).A cookie paper can additionally be placed on a reduced rack come catch any type of drips or spills. Do NOT placed the cookie paper on the base of the oven though or friend will end up through a comparable problem.