Hi because that awhile i have been acquiring lots and also i mean lots of lag in tf2. I typical fps kind of lag. It supplied to no be this bad. Yet now its unplayable. And also ive tried countless things. Ive tried it is registered editor fps tricks and also Max fps configs. Right here are mine specs:

AMD E-350 1.60 Ghz Processor.

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8.00Gb ram

Windows 8.1

So ns thought also though i have actually a toaster, a maxframes config and low setup will work but no it doesn't. If you deserve to help. Then please.


You CPU is weak. Use mastercomfig's low end/toaster configs. Close any unnecessary background apps to run while playing tf2.

Also play on toaster for a while, this is an excellent advice. You have the right to use Razer game Booster (now Razer Cortez ns think) to help close lift apps - it aided me a lot.

Also cpu won't cut it alone either. You'll need committed graphics if you desire visual fidelity and also 60fps.

right click battery, go to battery options and click high performance

download CC cleaner, run it top top Cleaner and likewise run it for the registry section

click on document folder on your task bar, walk to THIS PC, below the neighborhood Disk best click what on the blank room below it, walk to progressed system settings on the left, go to performance and hit settings, revolve it on readjust for ideal performance.

Also windows Defender and also the firewall take away memory and CPU to simply keep your computer system safe, disable all that stuff simply make certain not come download anything stupid if girlfriend do, friend can constantly to device restore. For this reason under system protection i would hit turn off its under the very same thing yet its the second tab to the best of the power one.

hold the Windows crucial and then press R to run, in package type: msconfig, walk to boot, walk to progressed options, make certain you inspect mark best memory and also maximum processors ur computer might have 4 and also u might only be using 1.

Make sure all your setups on tf2 is low you most likely did this tho.

Make sure you space running tf2 ~ above HIgh priority, to carry out this best click tf2 on vapor and go to properties and type: -high

also type: -dxlevel 81 you can also type: -nopix and -nojoy. Therefore it should look favor this -dxlevel 81 -high -nopix -nojoy

what dxlevel 81 is renders it run on a older version of direct x much easier to process. Make sure multi core rendering is enabled too so if u have more then 1 processor it uses them.

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You can shot going on a reduced resolution ns heard the helps but idk, also make sure you are running top top full display of course.

do a it is registered defrag by right clicking your disk in the files folder so go to documents again walk to her PC and instead the right clicking on the an are right click on the decaying its self and then hit Disk Cleanup

after all this restart her computer and give it some time, open task manager and also see whats hogging storage or ram or cpu and also see if you have the right to delete it. There is lots of weird programs and if it lets you delete that or watch it up online, i deleted mine sound regime accidentally yet it comes ago lol so the vital stuff comes earlier and if that is really essential it no delete it wont let girlfriend XD

That's all I recognize off the top of mine head ns hope friend can acquire at least 1 or 2 new things native this to assist you ideal wishes