For most oxygen treatment patients, learning how to usage a nasal cannula together comfortably as feasible is vital step in conveniently incorporating oxygen therapy right into their lives. But for numerous people, figuring out exactly how to wear the oxygen nose item properly and also learning what to execute with all the tubing have the right to be confusing. Even if you room unsure whereby to placed the excess tubing and also whether your nasal cannula prongs go up or down, let united state walk girlfriend through just how to wear your nasal cannula comfortably and find the right fit. 

Read on to learn exactly how to select the appropriate kind of sleep cannula for you, exactly how to placed on a nasal cannula and also how to ensure the oxygen nose piece fits properly. After ~ that, you have the right to read several of our troubleshooting tips to assist ensure you have the many comfortable nasal cannula possible. 

Finding the Most Comfortable sleep Cannula because that You

Beginning oxygen therapy calls for some adjustments, and one the those adjustments is learning exactly how to appropriately wear a nasal cannula. A nasal cannula is just how you will certainly be receiving your oxygen throughout oxygen therapy. The sleep cannula is a versatile tube the is put underneath the nose through two prongs the are placed inside the nostrils, v which the oxygen is delivered. Since the oxygen nose item is much less invasive than a challenge mask and permits the patient to talk and also eat freely, nasal cannulas room the many popular method for administering oxygen therapy. 

While recognize the correct nasal cannula placement is one component of the equation, choosing the best size cannula is another essential part of ensuring the you have the most comfortable sleep cannula possible. Without the correct size and kind of sleep cannula, you might experience much more discomfort indigenous the oxygen nose piece than you should. 

Since there are various sizes of sleep cannulas available, it is necessary to select the correct size for your nostril size and shape. The oxygen nose piece must fit snugly right into your nostrils without coming out, however it is crucial to make sure it does not go as well far earlier into the nostril either. With proper nasal cannula placement, the oxygen nose piece need to feel comfortable when put all the means inside the nostrils, without any rubbing or pinching. Rubbing versus your nostrils probably indicates that the oxygen nose item is too large, when pinching suggests that that is the wrong size for your sleep shape. As soon as you have found the best oxygen nose item for you, it is time to figure out her correct sleep cannula placement.

How to put On a sleep Cannula

To discover the appropriate nasal cannula placement, insert the prongs of your oxygen nose piece right into your nostrils, then take the oxygen tubes on either next of your face and lift the tubes, placing them over her ears favor you would glasses. Then, use the slider that holds the tubes wherein they come together under her chin to adjust the fit. The tube of your nasal cannula should fit snugly over the tops of your ears and against your jaw and also chin. You should have sufficient room to fit 2 fingers between the tubing and also your chin because that the most comfortable nasal cannula fit. If you space able come wear it comfortable after a couple uses, you are wearing the correctly! If you discover that the is uncomfortable, however, right here are a few tips. 

Tips because that the Most Comfortable nasal Cannula

If you discover that you room experiencing discomfort, wake up or slipping when wearing your nasal cannula, you might want to shot some the the adhering to tips. It might be that your sleep cannula location is not fairly right, or you may need to try a couple of modifications to uncover the many comfortable nasal cannula set-up because that you. Below are some things you have the right to try. 

Adjust the slider so your tubes are higher and tighter on your cheeks. This can assist keep the tubing from moving approximately as much, thereby reducing excess friction. Use cloth medical tape come tape the tube securely behind your ears to minimize movement and friction. Use towel medical tape or oxygen pipe covers come relieve any friction or wake up you experience in between the tubes and your skin. Try switching to a softer or thinner tubing, which can relieve irritation and also pressure on her face and ears. Try a different nasal cannula location by transforming your nasal cannula so that the tube go under the earlier of her neck with the slider relaxing behind your head in ~ the base of her neck. 

For the bulk of nasal cannula users, this tips are sufficient. Together you obtain used come the sleep cannula placement, girlfriend will have the ability to find your most comfortable nasal cannula positioning reasonably quickly. Do be aware, however, that with weather changes and also changes in the temperature or texture of your skin, you may need come make tiny adjustments. And, that course, new tubing will need adjustment as well.

If, after ~ trying each of the advice above, girlfriend still discover that you space unable to find the most comfortable nasal cannula placement, you might need some extr solutions. Some human being experience skin irritation and nasal dryness v nasal cannula use. Thankfully, most of this complications have the right to be resolved easily with the adhering to solutions. 

Humidified oxygen: Can assist relieve dried nasal i or minimize nose bleeds from oxygen use.

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Saline spray: An efficient solution for dry sleep passages and nosebleeds resulting from oxygen use. Oxygen pipe covers: reusable covers that deserve to comfortably protect your skin from irritation brought about by friction indigenous the tubing. Water-based lubricant: Helps relax irritation and soreness indigenous the oxygen nose piece rubbing the insides that the nose when used in a thin layer on the ends of the prongs.


How to make a sleep Cannula an ext Comfortable in ~ Night

Are you finding that your sleep cannula is slipping the end at night or waking you up since it is uncomfortable? If you desire to know just how to do a nasal cannula an ext comfortable when you room sleeping, the following tips can be helpful. 

First, view if friend can discover what is bothering you about your oxygen nose piece at night. It can be that your nasal cannula simply doesn’t fit friend correctly. As you move roughly in your sleep, her oxygen nose piece could be moving about in your nostrils much more than it should, and also that can explain why it drops out or feeling uncomfortable while girlfriend sleep. A sleep cannula that is too big can cause irritation in her nostrils, and also is much less likely to stay in place correctly.

Alternately, if you are waking up feeling favor your septum is gift pinched, it can be that your oxygen nose item is also small. If your nasal cannula appears to fit correctly, however you space still experiencing discomfort as soon as you wake up in the morning, her oxygen nose piece tubing might be too stiff. Think about exploring a more flexible cannula, or a diluent oxygen nose piece, to see if the solves your problem. 

While the comfort of your oxygen nose item is important during the day, learning how to make her nasal cannula an ext comfortable as soon as you are sleeping is important, too. It can make a huge difference in the high quality of her sleep and, since supplemental oxygen will now be an essential part of your life, ensuring that the oxygen nose piece fits well and stays in correctly, no issue what the hour, is a huge component of ensuring that you can maintain the finest quality the life possible.

Proper Nasal Cannula Placement allows for the Most Comfortable nasal Cannula

Adjusting come life v oxygen therapy also method learning to adjust your sleep cannula correctly. However, learning exactly how to put on a nasal cannula is relatively simple and will become 2nd nature come you the an ext you practice it. As soon as you have actually learned how to readjust the to the right of your oxygen nose piece and also your pipe to create the ideal nasal cannula placement for you, you can comfortably wear your nasal cannula at any kind of time, work or night, to get your oxygen treatments when and where you require them. It might take a little getting used to as you learn just how to make your nasal cannula much more comfortable for you, however as you come to be accustomed to wearing it, friend will discover what works best for you. And, since a nasal cannula enables you to receive your oxygen therapy even while girlfriend eat or speak, your oxygen therapy will it is in minimally intrusive.

Learn much more about nasal cannulas, and find out how the soft tube on the oxygen nose piece have the right to relieve the pressure and also irritation you might experience with other kinds of cannulas. Call us this day to discover out much more about how you can experience oxygen therapy with the many comfortable nasal cannulas, designed through patient comfort in mind.

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