In these lessons, we will learn how to usage a calculator to discover the trigonometric value of one angle.

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We can exploit a scientific calculator to attain the trigonometric worth of one angle.

Example:Find the worth of cos 6.35˚.



cos 6.35˚ = 0.9939 (correct come 4 decimal places)

Example:Find the value of sin 40˚ 32’.



sin 40˚32’ = 0.6499 (correct to 4 decimal places)

Example:Find the worth of x because that the complying with triangle. (Give your answer correct to 2 decimal places)




x = 6.21 × sin 31.3˚ = 3.23 units

Determining Trigonometric role Values ~ above The Calculator

Using the TI 84 come find function values because that sine, cosine, tangent, cosecant, secant, and also cotangent.

Calculators room able to identify trigonometric role values in degrees and also radians. However, many calculators deserve to not return the worths in radical form. Most will return decimal approximations uneven the values room rational. The video will just use angle measure in degrees.

First, make sure that the calculator is in degree mode.

Examples:Determine the complying with trigonometric values:

sin 30°cos 45°tan (-264°)sec(102.5°)csc (432°)cot(-23.45°)

SOH CAH TOA - exactly how to usage Your Calculator

This video goes over how to use your calculator to solve trigonometry. Making certain you space in the ideal mode and entering points in the right order depend on which of the 2 species of calculators you have (Casio or Canon). This video goes over how to solve with both.

Step 1: Test your mode.Step 2: discover the setting switcher.Step 3: resolve for political parties (multiply and also divide) or solve for angles (inverse)

Trigonometry through Your Calculator

Finding trig ratios and also angles using your calculator.

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Use a calculator to uncover the function value. Use the correct number of far-ranging digits.a) cos 369.18°b) tan 426.62°c) sin 46.6°d) cot 17.9°

Determine θ in degrees. Usage the exactly number of far-ranging digits.a) sin θ = 0.42b) cos θ = 0.29c) tan θ = 0.91

Determine θ in decimal degrees, 0° ≤ θ ≤ 90°. Use the correct number of significant digits.a) csc θ = 3.6b) cot θ = 2.1c) csc θ = 1.63d) sec θ = 7.25

How To usage A Calculator To attain The Trigonometric worth Of an Angle?

Trigonometry Calculator

This trigonometric calculator will help you to calculate the trigonometric attributes like sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, cosecant. The angles are to given in degrees and not radians.

Try the complimentary Mathway calculator and also problem solver listed below to practice assorted math topics. Shot the offered examples, or form in your own problem and also check her answer through the step-by-step explanations.