An emulator is a routine that enables you to play console video clip games on your PC. The PCSX2 emulator enables you to play game stations 2 games. In order to usage the PCSX2 emulator you need to extract a PS2 BIOS record from your legally acquired PS2 system, install and configure the PCSX2 emulator software, and also then load a playstation 2 game from her optical drive. This procedure requires the you own a PS2 system, and also any games you desire to pat on the emulator.

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Dumping game stations 2 BIOS

Download the PCSX2 BIOS dumper record (see Resources). Save it to your desktop.

Right-click the file, and select "Extract All." Click "Browse," and navigate to your desktop. Click "Extract" come unzip the folder.

Open her disc picture burning software, and also create a CD with the extract "dumpbios-mass.iso" image record on it.

Insert a blank flash drive v at least 512MB of an are in the USB harbor on your PlayStation 2.

Insert the disc include the BIOS dumper record into your PlayStation 2, and also start the system. The mechanism will immediately dump the BIOS file and conserve it come the speed drive. Wait until "DUMPING NVM completed" screens on the screen.

Turn the system off, and remove the speed drive. Plug the flash drive right into an accessible USB port on your computer.

Install PCSX2 emulator

Download the PCSX2 full installer (see Resources). Conserve it to her desktop.

Right-click the document and select "Extract All." Click "Browse" and navigate to her desktop. Click "Extract" come unzip the folder.

Double-click top top the paper folder to open up it. Locate the "pcsx2-r3878.exe" document within the folder. Double-click the file to start the installer. The PCSX2 environment wizard will begin.

Click the "Select a language" drop-down menu, and also select her language. Leaving all other settings on the default values, and click "Next." A dialog box will appear.

Click "Create" to give PCSX2 permission to develop a brand-new folder to save the emulator files. The installer will develop the necessary record folders.

Click "Next" again. Uncheck the "Use default setting" box. Climate click "Browse," and navigate to the PS2 BIOS record you conserved to the flash drive. Click "OK;" climate click "Refresh." The BIOS file will appear in the "Select a BIOS ROM" list. Highlight the BIOS file.

Click "Finish" to finish the PCSX2 installation.

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Play PS2 game Using Emulator

Double-click the PCSX2 emulator record on your desktop to start the emulator.