When girlfriend plug her ears, sometimes you can make use of a helpful little flap of cartilage located right in former of her ear canal. That’s your tragus.

The tragus is typically a rounded triangle shape. That size and shape different from person to person; some have actually a express tragus while others hardly have actually one at all. It likewise makes because that a at sight cute piercing.

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The distinct location the the tragus piercing permits the piercing to speak for itself; a straightforward cartilage stud earrings with also the tiniest gemstone uses a style that’s both understated and eye-catching.

The proximity of the tragus to the ear canal renders it at risk to the bacteria the dead skin cells and also ear wax carry. Additionally, cartilage has actually a lower blood supply than more fleshy areas, which provides it a greater risk for infection and also scarring. Therefore, you need to be a little much more stringent with piercing aftercare than various other piercing types.

The tragus piercing is no for everyone, yet don’t let the scare friend away. Here’s all you must know around the tragus piercing so the you deserve to decide if it’s the piercing because that you.

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How lot does the tragus piercing hurt?

Although the cartilage is thicker in the tragus, the tragus piercing doesn’t hurt much more than other cartilage piercings, therefore if you’ve acquired a helix, auricle, conch, or various other piercing in the ear cartilage, friend should understand what to expect pain-wise.

However, the tragus is located next to the ear canal, so beyond the pain and pressure that the piercing process, you’ll likely hear a pop together the needle goes through. Some discover this to be a little unnerving.

As v every piercing, the pains level often relies top top the specialization of the piercer. If she nervous, find a piercer who is patient, experienced, and also can ease you with the process.

Tragus piercing healing process

The tragus will take a couple of months to heal. Cartilage famously varies in its healing times, yet most often the tragus heals in between 2 - 3 months. However, part report healing times of as much as a year, so keep an eye on your piercing and talk come a piercer if you’re unsure you’re totally healed. Save in mind the the within of a piercing takes longer to heal, so also if it looks cure externally, it could still have some heal left come do.

Aftercare rules

As discussed previously, the tragus healing procedure requires strict aftercare practices. The challenge of heal cartilage linked with its location next to the bacteria-ridden ear canal provides it extra prone to infection and also scarring. Beyond standard aftercare practices, here are some aftercare tips unique to the tragus piercing.

Be cautious with your headphones. Putting pressure on any new piercing reasons trauma come the area and can provoke complications. Due to the fact that the tragus is situated so close come the ear canal, headphones tend to put push on the brand-new piercing. Even tiny pressure over a long period of time can develop issues. You have the right to wear ear buds, yet see to it lock aren’t putting too lot pressure on your jewelry backing. If you desire to wear headphones, make sure that the headphone cushions go around your ear and do not touch the tragus.

Take treatment when friend sleep.Try no to sleep on your piercings. Favor wearing headphones, sleeping on her side puts push on the earring. If you have to sleep on her side, shot to limit the moment you spend. Friend should also make sure that your bedding is constantly clean to stop harmful bacteria.

Don’t relocate the jewelry. Although this is a typical rule, through cartilage piercings, it’s extra important. Relocating the jewelry slows healing and causes trauma come the skin, which have the right to lead come piercing bumps. To avoid crusties, you can gently to wash them away through a salt bath or saline solution.

Keep the ear clean. Earwax exist to keep the ear complimentary from bacteria and also other international substances that have the right to be harmful to the eardrum. It stops harmful reality in that is tracks. This means that earwax is full of stuff the you nothing want near your piercing. When you very closely clean the jewelry, make certain that you’re keeping the ear canal clean as well.

Tragus jewelry styles

The tragus piercing is most commonly 16G, however sizes variety between 18G - 14G. Sizing counts on an individual preference as well as the size of your tragus, so it’s a good idea to talk to your piercer around your options. Remember the it’s easier to stretch a piercing than it is to shrink it.

By far, cartilage studs room the most famous styles because that the tragus piercing jewelry. The distinctive location of the tragus speaks because that itself; a small gemstone or charm peeking native the tragus is sufficient to make this piercing shine. Typically, you desire to select a stud v a level disc backing so the the back of the jewelry doesn’t stick into your ear canal, yet you can select a bead backing as well. Friend can likewise opt because that a little straight barbell because that a similar aesthetic come the cartilage stud.

However, cartilage studs room not the only option. Some opt because that a sleek seamless hoop, and also others walk bolder through a captive bead ring or other stunning hoop options. Piercings allow you to express your individuality, so nothing be afraid to acquire creative.


Why shouldn’t I gain a tragus piercing?

The tragus piercing will call for vigilant aftercare practices. Don’t obtain it if you understand that you can not adhere to a clean schedule.

The shape of the tragus varies significantly from human to person. If your tragus is also thin, too small, or in a an overwhelming location, it might not be feasible to get this piercing. There are other alternatives in the tragus area, prefer the anti-tragus, so speak to her piercer around other funny cartilage piercing options.

Getting her tragus pierced have the right to be a tiny unnerving, so it could not be an ideal first piercing. Shot something a tiny easier so the you’re not scared away from piercings.

Cartilage bump may form during healing, and some of them could require surgical removal. If you’ve had actually keloids or various other bumps in her cartilage piercings, you might want come think twice around getting your tragus pierced.

How lot will that cost?

The really piercing frequently costs approximately $30 - $50. You’ll likewise have to buy the jewelry. Pick metals that are safe for perceptible skin, like stainless stole or 14k gold. These jewelry choices will be more expensive, but they will encourage happy healing; cheaper steels run the risk of being rejected by her body.

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Make sure that you discover an competent piercer. Experienced piercers will produce a much more pain-free experience, and also they’ll usage tools complimentary from bacteria. Make certain that your piercer provides a needle, no a piercing gun. Piercing weapons harbor bacteria, and also the blunt force they usage to press the jewelry through the ear can add to cartilage bumps and also other healing complications.