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Pain and Healing Time

" is really easy, one of the easiest to perform, in my opinion," Thompson says. "It’s just a solitary needle—I don’t even use a tool, I simply use my fingers. No a really painful piercing. There space not a lot of nerves there on her brow." As long as friend avoid getting a sunburn forward (ouch), Thompson states your experience will it is in a fairly comfortable one.

According to Thompson, it takes around three to four months to totally heal, yet sometimes you"re looking in ~ closer to five or six months, depending on a few factors. First, take a look at at your lifestyle. "Every time girlfriend hit that or bang it or injure it, you’re setup it backwards," he says. "Let’s to speak you just acquired a motorcycle. Then it’s not the piercing because that you since any form of activity or trauma—it’s walk to be pretty catastrophic to the piercing."

Another significant factor that plays a part in how quickly your piercing will heal? your body. "Everyone is unique and different, for this reason what works for me, may not necessarily work for you," he says. "You may have to number out your very own regimen together well. It’s no really one size fits all."

cost of an Eyebrow Piercing

Eyebrow piercings shouldn't it is in any an ext or less expensive than any kind of other kind of piercing. At many reputable salons, you have the right to expect to pay about $30-$40 because that the piercing organization only, plus the expense of the jewelry you select.


It’s no secret that successfully healing a piercing is a difficult feat, yet it have the right to be done. The first step is picking the best jewelry, yet the real test is just how you treat it in the months that follow. 

The very first three month with any piercing is the most an essential stage, follow to Thompson. "If friend can’t make it through the first three month without suffering problem after problem, you might want to take it it out since you may not do it any kind of further and also it may simply keep having actually the same troubles over and over again."

In addition to avoiding trauma to the area, Thompson claims getting sufficient sleep, eating well, and drinking enough water will all contribute to a faster healing process. Bottom line, if you’re careful with your brand-new piercing, you can successfully heal it.

To clean the area, Thompson says to store it simple: soap and also water. His favorites room Dr. Bronner"s 18-In-1 Hemp infant Unscented Pure Castile Soap ($8) and Cetaphil gentle Skin Cleanser ($14) because that those with an extremely sensitive skin, yet he notes the soaps aren"t necessarily going to make your piercing heal any faster. "Your human body is doing every the work, therefore no issue what you’re clean it with, remember the you’re no helping your body cure faster," he says. "You’re just helping stop an infection."

One point you shouldn't overlook? your skincare and also brow organize routine. "Avoid potential irritants like confront wash, creams, lotions, serums, hairspray, and makeup and also anything foreign to the body while healing," says Murphy-Rose. She advises to skip the waxing appointment and stick come tweezers while the piercing heals.

Infection: despite they're a rare occurrence, infections perform happen. Thompson lays out the warning signs: "You’ll see environment-friendly or brown pus; the area will certainly be really red and warm come the touch; you will certainly feel your lymph nodes under your jaw swollen; you will certainly feel choose you’re acquiring sick, and also you could possibly even have a fever if the epidemic is serious." If you see any of those indicators or any form of streaking protruding from the wound, seek medical attention immediately.Rejection or migration: As our specialists outlined above, eyebrow piercings are more likely to be rejected than other formats of piercing. "Disrupting the healing process increases the threats of rejection and also migration. You need to avoid touching, rotating, or playing v the piercing and transforming the jewelry until fully healed," says Murphy-Rose.

just how to change Out Eyebrow Piercing

If whatever is healing well after around six weeks, you deserve to switch out the jewelry through a smaller piece or one that better suits her style. Plenty of shops encompass smaller replacement jewelry in the price of the early piercing, so you can exchange it at no extr charge—but don't effort to adjust out your jewelry for the an initial time yourself. "Go come a professional very first and have actually them help you and also instruct you," Thompson says. If you make a failure attempt, Thompson says, "It might possibly near up, or it can suffer trauma from friend trying to put the jewel in improperly and actually cause more damage."


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ideal Jewelry because that a Brow Piercing

As Thompson mentioned, the form of jewel you pick can make or break your eyebrow piercing, so don’t rush v the procedure when picking yours the end or go directly for the most aesthetically satisfaction option just yet. Instead, consider a couple of factors: the shape, the kind of metal, and also the size.

Curved barbell: back you have dozens of layouts to choose from for her eyebrow piercing (straight barbell, circular barbell, hoop, or spiral, to name a few) Thompson recommends beginning with a curved barbell first. “When world start through a hoop rather of a curved barbell, it provides it a lot of more difficult for that piercing to heal."Hoop: Another well-known style of earring for the eyebrow is the hoop or ring. Together Thompson points out, it's ideal to wait until your piercing is healed prior to switching indigenous a barbell to a hoop.

What Jewelry product Is offered for Eyebrow Piercing?

As far as the metal goes, Thompson recommends splurging on one of two metals that, native his experience, often tend to cure better: titanium and gold. 

Implant-Grade Titanium: "Titanium is the really best an option for anyone through sensitive skin and also given the high price of jewelry rejection in this area, titanium is really the ideal choice," says Murphy-Rose. It's ~ above the pricier side, but well worth it because that the quality and safety level.Gold: If girlfriend opt because that gold, look for "14k or 18k, and not gold-plated," follow to Murphy-Rose.

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