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Skip the Picks; professional Uses Hammer To open up a grasp Lock ( 222

keolistravelservices.comwbennett wrkeolistravelservices.comes: the person who lives beware. If"s protection you"re feather for, the #3 master Lock might not be because that you. In a video, locksport enthusiast Bosnian bill demonstrates exactly how to open up a new #3 master Lock utilizing a small brass hammer — in under 90 seconds. This video clip is simply one of number of videos he"s created focusing on beating the protection of master Locks, and, follow to Bosnian Bill, has earned him number of hazards from the company.

Submission: Skip the Picks, skilled Uses Hammer To open a understand Lock

A Robot at DEFCON Cracked A for sure Wkeolistravelservices.comhin 30 Minutes

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The entire video clip is 72 secs long. The actual beating of the lock takes a grand complete of five seconds.

So yeah, technically the is under 90 seconds. But you"re really understating

To is in fair, most any padlock deserve to be defeated in 1 second wkeolistravelservices.comh a bolt cutter. This form of lock is an alleged to be offered when you just want to store curious civilization out, or for liabilkeolistravelservices.comy functions (you knew one area to be dangerous and also used the lock to make difficult to enter, and trespasser purposely bypassed her attempts to safeguard him). If I"m trying to protect something precious a couple hundred bucks or more, I"m gonna usage something more robust.
No, the statement is fair. is a reference to exactly how long the how-to is, not exactly how long that takes someone who has actually practiced who doing because that the very first time can take linger than 90 seconds.

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Good thing a prospective thief can buy a couple of practice locks at the hardware store before he tries because that real.