To open up your auto hood, discover the lever inside the passenger cabin and also pull it. Discover the hood relax latch in the grille to open up it every the way.

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Step 1: Look because that a relax hatch inside the cabin of your vehicle. More recent models that vehicles have a latch to release the hood somewhere within the cabin.

Finding the latch have the right to be a little tricky if you aren’t sure where come look. The relax latch may be discovered in one of the following locations on her vehicle:

Under the dash by the driver"s doorOn the bottom the the dash under the steering column

On the driver"s side floor

Tip: The release latch usually has actually a photo of a automobile with a open hood on it.


Step 2: Look for a release latch external of the car. Older models open up by publication the latch under the hood.

You’ll have to search because that a lever at the former of the car beside the grille or former bumper. You can peek v the grille to discover the bar or feel approximately the edges for a latch.

Warning: Make certain the engine is cool before you begin feeling roughly around the grille.

Tip: If friend can’t find the lever, examine your owner’s manual to watch where it’s located or ask a mechanic to show you whereby it’s positioned and how to acquire it open.

Part 2 that 4: opening the hood

Step 1: position yourself by the hood. When you have actually released the latch, you will need to be top top the outside of the car to open up the hood.


Step 2: operate the exterior latch. You’ll only be able to lift the hood a couple of inches until you move the exterior lever under the hood to completely unlock it.


Step 3: Prop the hood open. To host the hood in place, usage the steel prop rod located on the within of the engine bay, close to the prior of the car. Some models don’t call for a rod and the hood will remain in location by itself.

Part 3 of 4: opened a stuck hood

At times, the hood won’t popular music open also when you’ve released the within latch. Usage the following steps to ease the hood and open it.


Step 1: apply extra pressure on the hood. Push down ~ above the hood with open palms. Friend may need to slap under on it, yet don’t use hefty force, such just like your fists, or you danger denting your hood.


Step 2: obtain some assistance. If girlfriend have help from a friend, obtain the other person to sit inside the vehicle, release the interior lever, and also hold it in the release place while friend lift the hood at the exact same time.

This method often works if the latch has actually rusted or has actually grime or dust on it.

Step 3: warm up the engine. Cold weather frequently hampers the hood’s ability to open as frozen condensation holds it in place. Turn on the engine to allow the frozen parts to thaw. Once your automobile is warm, shot to open the hood again.

After you open the hood, clean the latch. That is also a good idea to call a mechanic to inspect the latch and either lubricate that or replace it, if needed.

Warning: prevent using a lubricant on your own because the wrong form can contaminate the oxygen sensor, i m sorry will affect your engine performance.

Part 4 the 4: opened a hood with a failed latch

Sometimes, the latch may fail come work since it has been extended or damaged.

Step 1: shot applying pressure to the hood. Pushing down on the hood while someone rather releases the inner lever can permit the latch to engage also if the isn’t working correctly. If this action corrects the problem, the hood will raise slightly so you can open it up normally.

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Step 2: shot tugging ~ above the cable. If using pressure doesn’t work or you don’t have actually someone accessible to assist you, situate the cable it is attached come the inner lever and also tug ~ above it. Be gentle and don’t pull also hard.

If the hood opens once you execute this, the probably way the cable demands to it is in replaced.


Step 3: shot pulling the cable through the fender well. You may need to pull the latch cable through the fender well on the driver’s side. Eliminate the fender clips and also reach within the fender well to seize the cable and also pull it.

This an approach will job-related if the cable is attached come the exterior latch. If you feeling no tension at every on the cable, it suggests that the cable is no attached come the prior latch.


Step 4: try using a hood release tool. If every else fails, you have the right to use a small hook tool to reach under the hood and grab the cable or the latch come unlock it.

Warning: Make sure the engine has actually cooled off to protect against your hand from getting melted when you with in.

If you have trouble locating the latch or bar for the hood that your auto or if it’s challenging or impossible to open, enlist the help of a expert to open it because that you. Girlfriend can additionally get a certified mechanic, such as one indigenous, come lubricate the hood hinge and replace the hood supports, if necessary.