Use ours calculator for 3x3 procession multiplication online and saves time in this operation which, back is an easy to perform, have the right to play a trick on us if we execute it quickly.

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If you like, you can additionally use the calculator to make 3×1 or 3×2 procession multiplications. Girlfriend only have to leave the data in the corresponding column empty and that"s it.

If you want to make certain that you have multiplied two 3×3 matrix correctly or you want to learn just how to do the product of 2 3×3 matrix, check out on and also we will answer her questions.

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How to multiply 3×3 matrix


3x3 procession multiplication calculate in Excel

You can also multiplying 3×3 procession in ExcelYou can even readjust their size as lengthy as friend respect the ascendancy that the number of columns in the an initial matrix matches the variety of rows in the second matrix. This way that we deserve to multiply procession in this way:

3×3 for 3×13×3 because that 3×23×3 through 3×3

All you have to do is to fill in the data because that each matrix and when you have actually done so, select the range of empty cells on i beg your pardon you want the result to it is in displayed. When selected, form the adhering to formula:


The selection of cells prior to the semicolon synchronizes to cabinet A and also the variety of cell after the semicolon room the aspects of procession B.

When you have actually the formula created down, it is vital that you press the keys CTRL + SHIFT (shift) and also then the ENTER crucial to have actually Excel display the result of the matrix multiplication. If this step is no done, only one element of the resulting matrix will certainly be displayed and not every one of them.

If girlfriend have any kind of doubts, us recommend that you clock the video clip above this lines and if friend still can"t gain it, leave us a comment and also we will try to assist you with the matrix multiplication in Excel.

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