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Moving boulders or big rocks no something that countless homeowners think about getting aid for. While that fine to move them on your own, it’s vital to understand various techniques for moving boulders and also rocks to stop hurting oneself in the process.

There space superior methods for moving boulders and huge rocks that will certainly ensure the you nothing hurt your ago while law it.

Here space 5 the the most efficient methods for moving boulders and also rocks to protect against injuring yourself.


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How come Move big Rocks & Boulders: 5 different Methods

How come Move big Rocks & Boulders: 5 various Methods

1. Hoisting Method

For this an approach of boulder moving, you will need a heavy-duty nylon cord or rope and a rachet crank.

Start through securing the boulder or big rock through a cable, feeding the strap approximately an immovable object, and using the rachet come crank until the boulder has moved to where you desire it come be.

While this can be a slow method for moving big rocks and boulders, that is effective. This method can be done by a single person and also will ensure that you execute not stress, overload your ago while moving large rocks around your landscape.

2. Dragging Method

For this 2nd method, girlfriend will need a pry bar, a sturdy rope or nylon strap, and an old tire.

Start by prying the rock loose using a metal bar or item of wood (aka her pry bar).

Once the boulder is loose, prepare your old tire. You must feed your nylon cord or rope v the tire and also make a secure knot so that you room able to drag the tire through the boulder inside.

Use your pry bar to revolve your boulder on top of the tire so that the big rock is wedged comfortable in the facility of the tire.

Once your boulder is securely top top the tire, it’s time to move.

Securely fixed the nylon or rope cord the is attached to the tire and keeping your earlier straight so regarding avoid injuring yourself, start dragging the tire with the boulder come your wanted spot.

3. Plank & Roller Method

Tools the you will require for this technique of relocating a boulder or rock encompass several sturdy pipe (preferably at least four), and also a solid plank to rest the boulder on.

Start by put the tube at equally spaced ranges from each various other — nearby to wherein the boulder is that you’d choose to move. Ar the sturdy plank on optimal of the pipes and proceed to ease the boulder from its existing position utilizing your hand or a pry bar.

Roll, scoot, or background the boulder on come the conveyor belt-like invention and also proceed to very closely push the rollers and also boulder come the new location.

This may likewise be a slow process as you should take treatment that the boulder doesn’t fall off that the plank. Role the planks to your wanted location and also unload your boulder.

4. Use a Sled

Winter sleds have much more than one function in life. They can be supplied for fun throughout the winter and also for garden maintenance during the summer.

For this an approach of big rock removal, you will need a sturdy sled and also a pry bar.

Pry the boulder or rock loose and usage your pry bar come hoist the boulder on to the sledge’s (make sure that friend cover the surface ar of your sled with a blanket very first to avoid making scratches).

Drag the sled come your preferred location prior to unloading your boulder in ~ its new home.

5. Usage a rolled Trash Bin

Another handy family members item that have the right to be supplied to move boulders or large rocks is a rolled trash bin.

Simply lay her trash bin ~ above its side, use a pry bar to ease the boulder, and also roll the big rock into your bin. Take care that you very closely turn your trash bin upright together you don’t desire the boulder within to suddenly transition positions and damage her bin.

Roll your trash bin to the spot wherein you’d like to boulder come be and also carefully revolve your bin on its next again and empty the contents.

Also, feel totally free to describe this video clip for an ext help:

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