People who room on a weight-loss program or simply want to salary close fist to your food part size if eating. While having actually a food scale can aid know the exact serving size and the various other details about your food. However there deserve to be instances where you can’t access such scales or on a pilgrimage where you are not moving your weighing scale. Although the becomes an overwhelming to measure up the size without scale, you have the right to still do it using the resources you have. 

How to measure up Ground Beef there is no a Scale?

In this blog, us will particularly look in ~ the ways on exactly how to measure up ground beef without a scale. And also after going through the ways, you will be amazed just how easy it deserve to be. 

1. Use cups and spoons to measure up to portion size.

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One of the most commonly followed techniques is measuring cups and also spoons to understand the serving dimension approximately. Girlfriend can transform the servings in the cups by act a basic calculation. 

Let’s speak you have actually one cup of ground beef, which method you have actually eight ounces of serving in a cup. Currently all you have to do is transform these ounces come grams.

1 cup= 8 ounces

1 ounce= 28.3495 grams

Remember this conversion if you measure up the portions using a cup. Similarly, if you have 1/4th cup of floor beef, divide the serving by four and then main point it by 28.35 to gain the approximate offer size. 

If you are using tiny food quantity, friend can also measure it making use of tablespoons or teaspoons. For using these methods to measure, mental that,

2 tablespoons= 1 ounce

6 teaspoons= 1 ounce

You can do the same math end here and convert the ounces to grams for discovering the precise weight of the soil beef. 

2. Use your hands to measure the portions.

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Hands down, our hands are the many convenient method to measure anything. No it? Although the will give you an approximate answer, that is still far better than learning at all. For beef, chicken, or fish, try to organize it on her palm. Organize the food parts in your hand and close it. Your palm can about hold approximately 3-ounces that one serving. You can transform this weight to grams by making use of the same conversion proclaimed above.

Remember once our grandparents provided to speak a handful of nuts? Well turns out one level grasp of nuts is about the 1/4th cup of offer size. So use your hands whereby you can’t find any type of other devices or apparatus to measure your food.