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Tired of getting “hosed” by buying the wrong size when it’s time to change or repair your garden hose?

I understand the feeling! it is why I created this rapid guide to define the correct means to measure your garden hose diameter and also how to pick the best size fittings, so you’ll never have actually hose disappointed again.

How to measure Garden hose Diameter

Understanding how to measure up the size of your current hose is vital to keep water flowing at the level you space accustomed come while watering tree or washing your car.

Standard garden hose size come in measurements such as:

1/2 inch5/8 inch3/4 inch1 inch

The trick to gaining the correct dimension is come realize that the garden water tap inner diameter is the measurement you usage to identify size.

The steel ends that the hose often tend to be a bit larger than the actual water tap diameter, for this reason don’t do the wrong of measure the steel part.

Follow these straightforward steps for the best way to measure up the size of her garden hose:

Step 1 – Disconnect Hose

Disconnect your hose indigenous the water resource and remove any fittings that room not component of the initial hose.

If you’re going come be replacing an finish fitting, go ahead and also slice the old installation off. This cut will disclose the feet in the hose through no interference, which provides taking a measure easier.

Step 2 – examine Opening

Turn the end of the water tap upwards therefore you can see the opened inside the steel fitting the screws onto the spigot.

Step 3 – measure Diameter

Measure the diameter that the rubber hose opening making use of a measuring ice cream if possible. I understand this can be daunting to get an exact dimension due to the truth the tape can’t lay flat against the water tap opening due to the metal fitting.

Another trick is to usage a tiny scrap of document and note the diameter then carry it to the measure up tape.

The many accurate way to measure is to use wooden dowels or steel drill bits if you have a an excellent selection ~ above hand. Because most hoses marketed are 1/2, 5/8, and also 3/4 inch in size, you more than likely only need three size of dowel or drill little to measure up this way.

HINT: Most garden hoses marketed today room 5/8-inch.

Start with the 1/2-inch dowel and also slide it right into the opening.

If the dowel fits perfectly, the dimension is 1/2 inch. If dowel has any type of wiggle room, relocate up come the 5/8-inch and also then the 3/4-inch dowel till you obtain a snug fit.

Anything larger means the hose opening is one customs across, i beg your pardon is fairly rare yet still a possibility.

Step 4 – double Check Measurements

Double-check the dowel or drill little size by measuring diagonally across the finish with your ruler.

What size is a standard Garden water tap Fitting

The standard dimension for garden hose fittings is 5/8 inches because this is the most common size of water tap sold.

When you shop because that fittings, this dimension will be many plentiful and come in a variety of styles, native sprayer wands, splitters, backflow preventers, and also more.

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Look for GHT ~ above the label, which stands for “garden hose thread,” in addition to MHT or FHT because that male and also female water tap thread fitting.

Hose fittings come through either masculine or mrs connections, therefore you have to take a good look at where the threads are on the hose at the allude you desire to do a brand-new connection.

Threads top top the external is a male fitting, object on the inside room female.

Watch the following video for a good tutorial about hose fittings and the best method to attach or fix a hose.

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In Summary

You’ll never buy the dorn hose and fittings again currently that you know how to measure garden hose size the correct way.

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Even better, girlfriend know just how to save money by fixing your current hose by replacing broken or leaking fittings. Once it concerns measuring garden hoses and also soaker hoses, a small knowledge certain does walk a long way!