You’ve finally made the move from traditional tungsten irradiate to energy-saving LED lighting, just to find out the your living room has a clinical vibe.

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The possibilities are you’ve favored a bulb with really cool shade temperature.

Now what?

It would be nice wasteful to litter a perfectly an excellent bulb away. Is over there any means to make cool white LEDs show up warmer?

Depending ~ above requirements, there room several means to do a white LED watch warmer. Because that a cost-efficient fix, paint LED irradiate bulbs or applied orange color filter gels. Clever bulbs have actually a built-in function to alternative the color temperature.

When you’re offered to purchasing traditional bulbs, being faced with LEDs with different shade temperatures have the right to be daunting. Don’t worry if you’ve do a not correct decision; girlfriend aren’t the very first person to do it, and also you absolutely won’t be the last!

Let’s dig into the civilization of correlated color temperature and the various ways you can change the shade of her LEDs together.

Why do You Need warmth Light?


Hope you prefer that bowl through seashells the I have collected.

As you can see, although 1/8 and also 1/4 lighting gels make the white irradiate warmer come an extent, the the shade of white is still reasonably cool.

Gels v the transparency the 1/2 and also 1 produced the warm white that ns have found the most welcoming being really close to incandescent light.

You have to keep in mind that I have actually used very cool white light because that this test. For this reason if you have actually LED lights below 6000K, you could have much better results with the very first two.

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Once again, here is a comparison between cool white with no filter and also warm white through a complete CTO filter.