A couple of of you have asked me, “How execute you mix turquoise?” even though i include numerous blues in mine paintings, ns don’t think I have actually consciously combined turquoise. Curiosity got the finest of me.

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When us think that turquoise, plenty of of us most likely think the the stone. As you deserve to see here, over there is a fairly large range the hues.

This obtained me thinking. What is the difference between aqua, turquoise and teal? Google did no disappoint. Below is one photo my researched revealed. I find it interesting due to the fact that I have actually probably described all three of these hues as “turquoise” as some time or one more . How about you?


Here is One technique to exactly how to Mix Turquoise?

I walk a little experimenting and also determined the three main tube colors essential for mixing turquoise are: blue, white and also yellow. The following questions are: i beg your pardon blues and which yellows? Intuitively, ns made an presumption that mine blue would be a green-blue and my yellow would certainly be a green-yellow. However, after additional thought, I decided I essential to encompass a red-blue and also an orange-yellow to watch what would happen. I wanted to view if I would be surprised.

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For my green-blues, I decided cerulean, cyan and phthalo. I likewise included ultramarine and also cobalt. Please notification that I brand each of mine blues v their brands. The hue that a tube shade can differ from brand come brand as well as from medium to medium. For example, cerulean different significantly, an especially in value, from brand to brand. Girlfriend may have actually two various cerulean blues come explore.


My yellows are lemon, yellow light and Hansa yellow. Over there is no correct selection of pipe colors. Together I state often, be aware of the color predisposition of your primary paints and label their names and brands on her chart!