These Pool Noodle Luminaries space such a fun way to decorate because that your next summer party!


I’m obsessed, ns tell you. OBSESSED! that knew there were so countless things you deserve to do with a swimming pool noodle? These tiny pieces of floating foam heaven have the right to be used for anything! ns love love love the flexibility of them! we were having our night swim in the backyard and I thought it would be fun to litter in a couple of these Pool Noodle Luminaries. (And when I speak backyard night swim, I typical in the inflatable wading pool from Wal-Mart. We aren’t fancy.) They space so simple to placed together! and also don’t worry, we’ll talk around protecting that battery!

Seriously. How cute are these?! who knew together a basic project might make such a big splash? The colors space bright and summer-y! Plus lock look amazing in the dark!

How come Make pool Noodle Luminaries

To make these cute floating swimming pool candles, you will certainly need:


LED tea lights

Plastic hair tie


Pool noodles


Cut turn off a piece ofplastic wrap and also cover the bottom that the tea light. Secure the plastic wrapin ar with the elastic hair tie. This obstacle will safeguard the LED candle from acquiring water in the battery casing. Although since it floats, the likelihood of the is quite low but with youngsters you deserve to never be as well careful. Or if you have the right to afford to simply buy much more tea lights, you have the right to skip this step.

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Use your scissors andtrim turn off the excessplastic wrap around the hair band.


Place the tea irradiate in the pool noodle. You may need to stretch the facility of the pool noodle a little in stimulate to gain the candle in. Once the candle is collection in the center of the swimming pool noodle, the foam will re-expand and also encase the LED candle.

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Again, trim any type of excess plastic pave that might be sticking up.


Simple, easy and cute! ns love it once a project comes with each other so quickly! These will certainly be the talk of her party!


I love just how these pool noodle lamp reflect on the water! Don’t lock look pretty?

You might even usage these in a shallow bowl through a tiny amount that water in iton a table. It would certainly be a cute centerpiece top top the deck because that cookouts or other summer gatherings!


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