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Hi everyone! i am therefore happy to be ago with a brand-new tutorial top top the make It and also Love the blog! I thank you all for the really warm welcome ~ above my very first post and I loved analysis each and every one of your comments! Today, I have a to dance garment tutorial for you. My daughter, that is 3 year old, began dancing class recentlyand it’s the Cutest. Thing. Ever.

I find myself wanting to invest my job sewing leotards, dance skirts and ballet slippers therefore I produced this cute ballet skirt for my daughter and also my niece, my little models of the day. For this reason it’s with an excellent pleasure that i am happen youthis quick and also fun project. I hope you favor my basic Ballet plunder Skirt Tutorial!




You will certainly need

More or less1 garden of 45-60 inches cloth depending ~ above size and also lengthMatching threadChalk pencil or fabric markerMeasuring tape and also a rulerOptional: A curved ruler. If friend don’t have any you can totally free hand the curve of usage something curvyRotary cutter and mat (optional)Basic sewing id supplies

Choose your fabric

Choose an appropriate fabric because that a ballet wrap skirt. For finest result, girlfriend will desire to usage a drape-y, lightweight fabric. For this tutorial, I used a mesh form fabric native the lingerie section. It has only mechanical stretch and doesn’t fray yet you could easily pick a stretchy drape-y fabric, as lengthy as you use a stable cloth for the ties. Friend could additionally choose a towel that fray but keep in mind that you will should hem the skirt. I will let you recognize in the tutorial as soon as it’s time come hem if you need to!

Rayon and also viscose poplin, voile, silk, or polyester chiffon, light weight tulle or also nylon chiffon aregreat options too!

How to measure

Unlike most circle skirts where you measure the waist and use that measurement come calculate your circle radius, girlfriend will need to wrap the measure tape around your model’swaist and also measure a couple of inches previous her belt circumference. Because that example, inthe photo above, i measured 24 inches while mine daughter’s waist measure up 19.5”. The overfill isthe quantity of overlap that you want on the skirt. Let’s contact this measure ”new belt measurement”I discovered that Iprefer the overlap to be a tiny less than the waist and a halfI quite prefera couple of inches less. However keep in mind that this is a matter of taste, you deserve to extendtheoverlap as lengthy as friend wish!

You can likewise multiply the waist measurement through 1.25 if you don’t have actually your design close by.

Determine whereby you want your skirt come sit onthe waistof your model and measure under the length you want the skirt come be. To this measurement, add 3/8” for the tiesseam pin money and, if friend wish, include another 1/2” because that hem allowance. I wanted the dress to be 6 inches long so I got 6.375inches.

Now, psychic the math you walk in school?Remember how to calculation the radius the a circle? To placed it merely you room going to usage the ”new waist measurement” and divide the by 6.28.

For example: 24÷ 6.28 = 3.82

So 3.82” is my skirt radius and also 6.375”is my skirt length.

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Please note that in the photo step-by-step, I provided photographs indigenous 3 various sizes for this reason don’t it is in surprised if the measurements from the photos room not the same as in the calculation. However, in regards to numbers, i will constantly use the same example to teach you just how to measure and calculate.