How to fill your heavy Duty Stapler:

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Step 1

Place stapler top top a flat surface. Then push in and up on the earlier side the the stapler until the stapler slide system pops out.


Step 2

Pull the stapler slide device out of the ago of the stapler so there is room come insert the staples.



Step 4

Reinsert the slide mechanism earlier into the stapler slide. Press all the means until flush v the back of the stapler. Press up so hooks ~ above the back of mechanism can grab ~ above stapler.

Recommended replacement Staples

Run the end of staples? we recommend Bostitch heavy Duty Premium Staples, i m sorry are available in miscellaneous lengths to suit the task at hand.

Check out our staple size chart for much more information around how clip sizing works.

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A couple of Tips

This stapler is designed for stapling approximately 240 sheets. That is ideal to use staple sizes designed because that the number of sheets you are stapling regardless of stapler capability. We have actually enclosed two various staples sizes: one for as much as 100 sheets, and also another for up to 240 sheets. For best results, usage the 100-sheet staples for every projects except those higher than 100 sheets. Because that projects higher than 100 sheets, usage the 240-sheet staples. 

DO not staple without staples.When stapling, be sure to slowly use pressure to the finish of the bar arm and also push down until the stapling is complete. Quick motions with the lever arm will boost the likelihood that jamming.Jammed? Insert a pen or spicy object right into the front slot on the stapler right over the staple leave point. This will press the jammed staples back into position.