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GBA emulators let girlfriend play GBA games on your PC, Samsung, or to apologize devices. Gameboy advancement emulators additionally have built-in accessibility to Gameshark Codes, which enable you come cheat for limitless items, endless money, and also more. Here"s how:

Enabling the grasp cheat code

Always remember to allow the grasp code before entering cheat codes. If friend don"t, her cheat codes might not work, or your game might crash.

The understand code looks prefer this:

9820F6 AE8203

51F0D8 DF70D1

Find the right code for your cheat program and also emulator.

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How execute I placed in cheat in my emulator?

I"m playing Pokemon emerald appropriate now

Are you play on a windows PC? If so, you"ll require an emulator that permits cheats. One together emulator friend can shot is Visual young Advanced. It allows cheat password from GameShark and codebreakers. To usage them, click on Cheats and select cheat list:

Screenshot #1

Select from either GameShark or codebreaker and enter your codes. When finished, click OK.

Screenshot #2

Help me v my pokedex please?

Code for filling pokedex in firered


How have the right to I discover GBA cheat in exp boost?

To rise the exp of your Pokemon..press throughout battle


Start holding abdominal muscle when enemy faints.


I simply wanted to gain Deoxys in mine desmume, however I to be confused because I downloaded Gameshark and don"t know how to use it?

OK, I need to simply use the cheat to record Deoxys in Pokemon diamond and then finish my collection

Input and activate this code


Then, input and also activate the complying with code, and also your next random encounter have to be Deoxys



At what level need to I evolve my Pikachu come a Raichu?

I"ve been leveling mine Pikachu fairly a little bit lately, and also I found this thunder rock a if ago. However, I execute not understand when to usage It. I have actually tried: I"ve tried browsing the web for help, yet there isn"t really a an excellent answer. I think it was resulted in by: I simply haven"t gained to this allude yet

Evolve it whenever friend want. I imply that girlfriend wait till it learns every the moves the you want it to because after the evolves right into Raichu, it won"t learn any brand-new moves by leveling up. Relying on what video game you have, girlfriend should have the ability to find the most powerful move it learns in that game and also what level the learns the on Bulbapedia. Because that example, the most an effective move it learns in Omega Ruby and also Alpha Sapphire is Thunder, which the learns in ~ level 58.

It doesn"t work, and also I don"t understand what ns did not correct or how to solve it?

So, I"m right now playing a various than the typical version the Pokemon Emerald. What adjusted is that the Pokemon is a lohan Pokemon rather of regular Pokemon. I don"t think this affects anything, yet I"m just going to throw it in here. Anyways, I gone into the understand code, and also then copied and also pasted the salamance code in. I"m sure it"s Emerald, but it doesn"t work. Can anyone aid me, please? through the way, I also tried a many other cheats, yet none of them seems to work. I"m making use of a GBA. I"ve done all i can. I complied with the video, but it tho doesn"t work. I have tried: Everything, browsing on Google, YouTube and stuff prefer that. Currently tried the same technique and a couple of other methods a couple of times, I"m optimistic I didn"t perform it wrong. I think the was caused by: i really don"t know. That"s why I"m questioning -.- you re welcome answer i really want to to win this game that I"ve to be stuck ~ above for about a month.

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How do I get my alphabet / numbers display to to fill up for this reason I can put mine cheat password in?

I have a gab SP, how do I put my cheat password on mine GBA don"t know how to gain the display to come up with the alphabet/numbers on it, in what order perform you push the ideal buttons to obtain the display to come up..... Say thanks to You, Jean. Need info on mine GBA to display me or call me how to put my cheat codes on my GBA to get the alphabet / number display to display up

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Making the cheat folder and enabling the cheat themself?

Not certain what it means by pasting the code right into a document, and also then allowing the cheat. I"m not also tec savy as far as emulators and also ROMs so i didn"t recognize the indict

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I can"t discover the "Cheats" section on my GBA emulater?

i have discovered the swction where I can enable cheats yet I deserve to not discover the area whereby I have the right to input them. I can"t find the cheat secation in the setups on the emulater I"m using "GBA"

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I seriously need aid inputing cheat codes, however maybe I"m just a tiny dense?

I use the totally free pizza young GBA emulator, and no matter what i do, it always either says understand code absent or doesn"t to speak anything yet doesn"t work. Help? I have not viewed this anywhere in the article, because they space all very details cheats. I"m just asking for assist on basic

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Yes. This game is yes, really confusing come me. I"m provided to the development version of the game?

exactly how do I accessibility the Gameshark menu? there isn"t an option to go to it.

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If friend have difficulties with any kind of of the procedures in this article, please ask a concern for much more help, or write-up in the comments ar below.