Sometimes people find an egg ~ above the ground*, or come across a nest they think is abandoned, and also want to recognize if they can "rescue" the egg(s) and also incubate them. While they usually just want to aid or learn, and their intentions space good, below is why the price is no.

Is the legal?

Is that a great idea?

No. The nest may not be abandoned. many cavity nesters put one egg a day, and also wait till they have actually a full clutch before they begin incubating the eggs, therefore they will all hatch at the exact same time. After ~ laying one egg, the parent(s) might stay far from the colony to avoid drawing predators come it. Other birds are really secretive throughout nesting. part birds actually nest on the ground, and also intentionally lay their eggs there. View below.

Would that hatch?

most likely not. The parent might have begun incubating the egg already. If incubation is interrupted for any type of length that time, the embryo dies, and also would not hatch quiet (and a rotten egg smells really nasty ~ a while.) The correct temperature required for hatching because that each types is regularly not known, and the eggs must be turn constantly in order to hatch a healthy and balanced chick.

How would you treatment for the chick if that did hatch?

If the eggs to be to hatch, which is unlikely, the young need to be fed every 5-15 minutes v a one-of-a-kind diet, native daybreak it rotates dusk, and also kept warm. If they space not fed an suitable diet, they might not build properly. only a bird can properly teach their young come hunt because that food and find water, and defend themselves from the threats of the natural world. Wild birds should really be raised by members of their own species, in stimulate releasable right into the wild. They are not pets. only a license is granted rehabber is enabled to progressive a wild bird. They don"t incubate eggs unless they belong to some threatened species.

Would the chick have the ability to be released right into the wild?

The hatchlings that some varieties will "imprint" or bond v the an initial caregiver they encounter, do it less likely the they will be able to fend for themselves in the wild. (Professional rehabbers and zoos know how to protect against imprinting once rearing wild birds.) The young might rely top top their natural parents come learn just how to survive and also hunt. A person is ill-equipped to perform this.

The great news is that if the parents are alive and they shed a nest, egg or young, they frequently go on to colony again.

What can I perform instead?

If you discover an egg ~ above the ground, it is unbroken and also you recognize where the colony is and can safely reach it, you can try to gently location it back in the nest (note the eggs are an extremely fragile.) perform not "foster" egg into one more nest. This have the right to overload the parents, and if incubation has already begun in one nest, they will certainly be the end of synch for hatching. For civilization interested in suffering what the is like to raise birds, a domestic bird choose a duck or a chicken is a much better, legal choice.

*Where go the egg come from?

If you discover an egg top top the ground the may have been: The swarm the egg to be in can have been blown or knocked under by a storm.

More Information and Links:

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