What are some methods to manage a friend who copies you? It"s often said the you should be flattered if a friend dresses favor you and copies your tastes. Yet in fact it have the right to be incredibly irritating if they"re to buy the same clothing as friend or taking an interest in whatever that you"re into. Right here are some ways to take care of a girlfriend who duplicates you …

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1 talk to Them

One that the methods to manage a friend who copies you is to have a talk through them about it. They may not realise the they"re irritating you, and also are just being unconsciously affected by you. Tell castle nicely that you"ve i found it they"re doing/buying/wearing the same things as you, and also that you"d quite they didn"t copy you fairly as much …


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2 know Why

Try to understand your friend"s an inspiration for copy you. Execute they suffer from a lack of self-esteem? perhaps they admire her style and confidence, and think the copying you will certainly somehow do them like you are inside as well as outside. If you recognize why they perform it, you might be able to help them - and put an finish to their copying.


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3 save Quiet

If her friend copies what you do as soon as friend announce her plans, climate it might be clever to store quiet around what you"re going to do. If lock don"t know around it, lock can"t copy you! So wherever you can, try to make certain they don"t understand that you"re going to publication a trip to Hawaii or decorate your lounge pink ....


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4 Encourage them to it is in Different

Perhaps her friend simply needs a little of aid to present them just how to develop their very own style. Encourage them come wear outfits that look good on lock or suggest a haircut that would look great on castle (and is various from yours). This might work much better for some world than asking them bald to prevent copying you, so shot this if friend think they"d it is in offended by being told they"re a copycat.


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5 present Them It"s Absurd

Sometimes a short, spicy shock will lug it house to your friend what they"re doing. If they"ll copy absolutely anything girlfriend do, then perform or wear something daft, and wait because that them come copy you. This can make them realise that they"ve taken your habit fairly too far.


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6 Flattery

Although the can acquire on her nerves as soon as a friend duplicates you, take into consideration if it is undoubtedly a form of flattery. Probably your friend really loves your format so lot that she desires to watch the same. If friend think about it, you may conclude the it doesn"t stroked nerves you quite as lot as you assumed it did.


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7 border Contact

If nothing you shot works, and you yes, really can"t stop your friend from copy you, your just option could be come limit call with her. Possibly you can"t avoid her completely if you hang about in the same places, however the less you see of her, the fewer opportunities she"ll have to copy you.

We all desire to have actually our own identity (well, many of us anyway), for this reason a copycat friend can really get on your nerves. Try to nip the in the bud before she turns into solitary White Female! What is the many annoying way in i beg your pardon anyone"s ever duplicated you?


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kittykatbambi So im in 5th grade and there is a girl v the exact same name together me and also she duplicates me. We have online school and also I attracted a virtual background for my teacher and also the next day she drew a various background that had the SAME precise style. Therefore then i tried putting a emoji in mine name and also then she also put a emoji in she name!! therefore I"ve to be doing distinct hair, clothes and also really been mirroring my personality and also I got student of the month!! I"m going to shot to speak to her. Wish me luck!


Beryl I m in my so late 70"s and my sister early 80"s and also we have regularly both purchase the same article of clothes all ours lives frequently without discovering the various other has! very same make,same colour but different sizes. She is bigger 보다 I am. We need to agree sometimes as to who it s okay to wear the similar item when we accomplish up which is not an extremely often. Ns love the though periodically it"s a weird emotion that us both have exactly same taste..


Beryl Stokes, great minds think alike!


Zanna My daughter had a room mate in college who was a psycho copier. It got really dangerous and scary! mine daughter had actually to stay in other places until the landlord to be able to get that girl out.


Jackie Nothing works .she duplicates me in every single thing


Sherri What if it"s your little sister lol! ns don"t complain or say anything. Although that kinda annoys me when I see her put on the very same skirt together me in the exact same colour lol ns just take into consideration it flattery that she looks approximately me :) probably they simply stop as soon as they outgrow or thrive into your own


Joanne 😁


Ray I permed my hair, she did too. Ns painted my nails a cool color, she did it too. I pick art and computers together my electives, for this reason did she! I began on my art project with a cool concept, she duplicated it. I noticed that people liked my jokes and how i talk, she talks choose me. Finally, i met someone and also we began going out. Currently she"s make the efforts to get a guy, yet it"s not working out. Moral of the story: Copiers will be copiers, yet they will constantly be in your shadow.


Purplelove I dislike it when civilization copy her work/homework ideas. Choose for example, we had actually an assignment in our class, and also I presented it to my friend and also later we were all practicing in former of each other in a small group and she went before me and she ended hers the same means I did. I got really annoyed on the inside, however I didn"t speak anything.

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Keyanna What if they aren"t your friend and you dislike them? Lol story of mine life.


Amandamoe47 I feel as though someone who is copy you really likes her style and also you shouldn"t say ANYTHING about it. Simply feel complimented and admired!!