maybe some of girlfriend have had actually the negative experience to acquire semen stains ~ above your garments after having a sexual intercourse through your companion in a public place (for instance at a party, in the office, in your auto ...). In this case you both space usually concealed somewhere in a different room and after that you have to walk through a place full of countless people and it is uncomfortable to have actually this stains on your clothes. In this situation you have to remove that from your clothing quickly, yet without having actually a washing device and lot time.

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Using part water, wet napkins, and also after that part dry napkins usually have a good result relying on the type of clothes. In some cases, especially when the apparel are black, this method is not an excellent enough.

So the concern is: Is over there a much better method for easily removing stains make of semen native clothes?

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Of food its finest to avoid this altogether. So having actually a hanky all set (that is exterior of a container) and close to her hand (e.G. In your jackett/coat pocket) and apply straight after/during ejaculation will mitigate the lot of instances where leftovers room on clothes. If you happen to have actually this sort of sex consistently this need to be a irreversible preparation.

To clean: First remove the semen as quickly as possible by placing her finger beside it (not top top it) and roll it increase while moving over the semen. Use each finger only as soon as or clean the after use through a towel. Rate is important. Most fabric will not soak up the fluid instantly for this reason you can reduce the intense of the clues if you remove it quicker. Semen is kinda sticky and so is her finger. This works ideal on blue jeans or comparable fabric that is kinda water repelling. If available, usage tampons for this task, they job-related even far better then fingers.

The goal here is come lift the semen from the fabric, be cautious not to rub it in more then for sure necessary.

Then spit on your hand (or use water if available) and also press the clean liquid with the cloth (from the inside) so the the ejaculate is diluted and replaced by spit / water. The goal below is to replace the very visible white semen with a less visible kinda clear liquid.

Then wait as lengthy as possible. Semen changes color to a semi-transparent yellow after part minutes and also thus becomes less visible, additionally some components dry. If possible press fabric that is not visible (socks) top top the wet clues to dried it quicker. Carry out NOT USE paper TOWELS! castle are likely to leave small white corpuscle on your garments that shine like stars on black color fabric.

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If nothing helped, create a distraction. If you wear a shining red flower in your jackets front bag nobody will care about your pants. Of food that only works therefore long, therefore be sure to correctly clean yourself shortly or go grab her spare pants from the car.