Add photos and videos from your photo library to her iMovie project on her Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

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When you develop a new iMovie project, you"re triggered to add content native the Photos application photo library. You have the right to also add content indigenous the photograph library after ~ you"ve created your project:

With your iMovieproject open, role the timeline for this reason the playhead (the white vertical line) appears where you desire to add the picture or video clip clip.Tap the include Media switch
, climate tap the place where the photo or video clip is stored. Because that example, if the photograph or video clip is in the picture library of the picture app, madness Moments, Video, Photos, or Albums.
Tap the photo or video clip you desire to add, then tap the add to task button

To add photos and also videos indigenous the photos appphotolibrary right into your iMovie project, usage the internet browser iniMovie.

You deserve to browse and add content from the Photos application photo library in iMovie:

In the left-hand sidebar of the iMovie window, choose Photos.
Click the pop-up food selection at the height of the internet browser to choose a contents category—My Albums, Albums, Years, Collections, Moments, or Places.To change an present clip, traction the photograph or video clip onto the clip you want to replace, then pick one that the instead of options.

If picture isn"t in the Libraries list, her Photos Library could not bedesignated as your mechanism photo library. You have the right to alsodrag photos and videos from the Finder or the Photos app into her iMovie project.

Drag indigenous the Finder: traction videos or photos directly into the timeline of her iMovie project.

Drag from the image app:

Photos: Dragdirectly right into the timeline of her iMovie project.Videos: Dragfrom the Photos application to her Desktop, then traction the video from the desktop into the timeline of your iMovie project.

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If you drag a video clip directly from the Photos application into the iMovie timeline, it shows up in your job as a still image.