Unlike many of the major video games, Maplestory is not developed to operation on macOS, and Nexon most likely won’t ever make a different version for this.

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However, for those with a Mac looking come play Maplestory, there room luckily different ways to do so.

The many common method to pat Maplestory on Macs is by installing boots Camp on your system, which enables you to install Windows.

You can then download Maplestory ~ above the Windows mechanism on her Mac and also play that from there.

You have the right to find an ext information on exactly how to download it and also play Maplestory top top Mac below.

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How come play Maplestory on Mac

Maplestory is natively built for Windows, and also there is no macOS variation of the game.

Therefore, you can not play Maplestory on her Mac uneven you install a regimen to work around this issue.

The easiest and most common method to beat Maplestory on her Mac is by making use of the boots Camp Assistant program.

Boot Camp Assistant allows you come choose in between different operation systems as soon as you boot your Mac.

This way that you can install windows on her Mac and also select the home windows operating mechanism when booting your Mac.

Installing home windows on her Mac does not typical you cannot access your regular macOS device anymore. You can just pick your macOS when booting your Mac.

Here is a step by step overview on just how to download Windows and then Maplestory on her Mac.

Note, we have not experiment this method ourselves. We are merely referring come the official info from Apple’s assistance website, source.

We recommend you to buy a windows activation key to activate Windows, i m sorry you can do in most computer stores or from the main Microsoft Website.

To install windows on your Mac, go to the Microsoft home windows Download Page, and also select the version you want to install.

After downloading the windows ISO paper from the official website, open up up boot Camp Assistant from the utilities tab under Applications on your Mac.

The boot Camp Assistant applications will help guide you through just how to install home windows on her Mac.

On the page where boots Camp Assistant asks friend to select the ‘ISO image’, browse your system and find the windows ISO document you’ve simply downloaded.

Before pressing install, friend can pick how lot storage you desire to it is in distributed in between your macOS and also your Windows. This circulation is as much as you, yet you need sufficient storage to download and install Maplestory.

Once you’ve selected the warehouse distribution in between the two operating systems, click ‘Install’.

You will now be taken with the environment process, wherein you can set up a user and also select the setups you desire on your windows system.

When Windows has actually been installed, you will be required to the desktop computer of your home windows system, and also a boots Camp installer will appear, go ahead and also run it and click download on every the drivers it wants to install.

Once the installation has actually finished, it will certainly ask come reboot her Mac, go ahead and do so.

To be sure Windows runs properly, go ahead and run the Apple software program Update program as soon as your Mac has actually rebooted and installed any kind of recommended updates/drivers.

You can uncover the Apple software application Update routine through the start menu in the bottom left corner.

Reboot once much more when asked to execute so after installing any type of updates/drivers.

The last step to make windows run properly is to run the windows Update as soon as your Mac has actually rebooted.

You deserve to find window Update through going come the begin menu, clicking the settings icon, and also then choosing Update & Security.

Click ‘Check because that updates’ and install all the updates and drivers that finds.

Note, the windows upgrade will take rather a long time come complete. When complete, reboot your device once again to complete the update.

You now have Windows mounted on her Mac. Come reboot her Mac earlier into macOS, click the tray (arrow pointing increase icon) right next to your internet icon in the bottom menu, right-click the boot camp icon, and also click ‘Restart in macOS’.

Now that you have actually installed windows on your Mac, it’s time to install Maplestory.

Go to any kind of browser and go to the Maplestory Website.

Click ‘PLAY free NOW’ and also select ‘DOWNLOAD THE LAUNCHER’ top top the pop-up.

Run the Nexon Launcher installer to install Nexon Launcher.

Once you have installed Nexon Launcher, open it, log in to her account, and also go to the Maplestory tab.

Click download, and also Maplestory will certainly be downloaded and also installed on your Windows.

Once complete, click Launch, and also Maplestory will begin running.

That’s it! That’s exactly how to beat Maplestory ~ above Mac.

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If friend have any type of input for this guide, allow us know in the comment section below.


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