Picture the following moving day scenario – your large furniture pieces are currently packed up and you’re about to take it them out to the relocating vehicle, one through one.

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And then, as you’re transferring the huge living room couch v a pair of friends, something unforeseen happens – the couch i will not ~ fit with the door.

Oops! girlfriend surely didn’t see that coming, did you?

Beds, sofas, dressers, desks, and also tables can happen to be too large to fit with doorways, small hallways and also even tight staircases once the time has pertained to move them to another home. And should that ever happens to you, climate it’s basic to feeling frustrated, angry and even confused – genuinely baffled as to how those huge furniture items were moved where they are in the an initial place.

Don’t despair if her furniture i will not ~ fit through the door or the hallway. The an excellent news is that there are around 10 actions you can take to solve that unforeseen trouble so the you can proceed with your house move as scheduled.

<10 STEPS> here’s what to do when your furniture will certainly not fit v the door or the hallway.

Step 1. Measure up up her furniture

When moving big pieces of furniture the end of your existing home or into your brand-new one, it pays to have done her homework in breakthrough so that you deserve to be much better prepared because that the eventuality of acquiring stuck. They say that prevention is the best medicine and that quote rings truer than ever when moving substantial furniture items.

The first step to fixing the furniture-won’t-go-through-the door problem is to protect against that difficulty altogether. How? that simple: measure up the dimensions of the furniture item, then measure up the doorway or hallway and also compare the outcomes to get a better idea of what her next steps will be.

Here’s an instance of how to measure up a huge couch, however you have the right to use the measure procedure because that other types of huge furniture as well. So, get your measuring tape and complete the adhering to furniture measurements:

Height (H). To obtain the exact height, measure up the distance from the floor come the highest point of the couch, commonly its backrest.Diagonal height (DH). Measure the street from the prior corner point of one armrest come the opposite ago corner that the couch. By understanding the diagonal depth of her furniture, you will understand if a piece can fit v a small opening as soon as you place it stand up.Width (W). Measure the distance between the 2 widest point out on the couch sides.Depth (D). Measure up the distance between the two deepest point out – one on the former of the couch and the other one on its back.Diagonal depth (DD). Measure up the distance from the peak left (or height right) edge of the armrest to the the contrary bottom edge of the item.

Write under the dimensions of your large furniture so that you nothing forget them.

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Naturally, the second step come making sure that your huge furniture pieces will somehow fit through the seemingly smaller sized door and narrower hallways is to measure up the openings the the oversized furniture will have to go v on its method to the relocating truck (when relocating out) or into its destination room (when moving in).

There’s nothing too complex here – you will do it only must measure the height and width of each door, hallway, elevator, or staircase along the intended way. If you arrangement on carrying big furniture pieces down or increase staircases, take it the railings into factor to consider when you’re preparing your plan of action.

Once you have actually the size of the openings, compare them come the measurements of the oversized items you moving. Basically, one fast look at the dimensions should phone call you even if it is you’re expected to fight trouble, and if girlfriend do, how large that trouble will certainly be.

Remember, numbers never lie.

Step 3. Assess her options

While you’re acquiring ready to take your large furniture piece out the the current home or move them within the new residence, you need to take a minute to assess her viable options and to choose the ideal course of action.

Whatever you choose to do, simply don’t it is in hasty in your decisions since getting stuck in the doorway with a large and heavy furniture item will cause you to lose 10x much more valuable time. And also what around the toll the stressful situation will take on her nervous system?

And analysis and comparison of the abovementioned measurements should give you this 3 feasible scenarios:

Scenario 1. Your furniture pieces will fit comfortably with each opening along the way. That’s good news appropriate there.Scenario 2. Your furniture items are a bit larger (several inches) 보다 the measured doors and also hallways. That’s still ok together there are good ways come safely squeeze out your big furniture v the openings (read on to find more).Scenario 3. Her furniture pieces room much bigger than the dimensions of the doors and hallways along the intended leave path. That might or may not it is in a huge problem simply due to the fact that below you’ll learn about a number of effective approaches of getting furniture v a doorway. Every in all, it’s good to understand that girlfriend still have actually one fool-proof equipment to her furniture issue even if all your DIY do the efforts fail – see step 10 for more info.

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Step 4. Get sufficient manpower


Friends in need are friends indeed.

This step is around ensuring the you won’t, every one of a sudden, find yourself completely on your own when the time come for relocating the heavy and large furniture in her home. It’s clear the you’ve made the educated decision to no hire experienced furniture movers, which immediately leaves you v greatly reduced manpower top top the job of the move.

You’re walk to require at the very least two various other helpers to take your enormous furniture items out of your house or apartment there is no inflicting any type of property damages or sustaining personal injuries of any sort. If possible, conference up more than 2 friends to give you a hand (the much more the better), but the 3-person minimum is a safety necessity that girlfriend shouldn’t simply ignore.

That’s right, friend need sufficient manpower to gain your huge couch through a small door or right that massive dresser through the tight hallway in the basic direction that the moving truck. Be considerate towards your pals and reach out to castle as beforehand as you deserve to so the they deserve to reserve that date and also time for you.

Keep in mind the if you fail come secure at least a couple of helpers for the furniture challenge, then you’d far better quit on that idea and contact experienced furniture movers instead.

Step 5. Disassemble oversized furniture

If the dimensions have provided you poor news (Scenario 2 or scenario 3 in step 3), it’s time to prove her resourcefulness by acquisition these next several measures with the function of solving the furniture fitting problem.

This action is highly logical – disassemble your enormous furniture so the the eliminated parts alleviate the as whole size of the key frame. If yes a safe means to break down a substantial furniture piece right into smaller sections, then simply do it.

Remove any type of protruding parts that can be detached without any type of damage – legs, arms, doors, panels, decorations, etc. In the majority of cases, furniture legs cause the most trouble so check out to it the you take them off, one of two people by unscrewing lock or by pulling castle out. Basically, your idea is to leave the big piece that furniture down its bare structural minimum.

Remember to load the disassembled furniture parts individually using bubble wrap or special furniture blankets for extra protection.

Step 6. Attempt various angles

What to execute if her furniture won’t fit v the door? Improvise.


Nope. Try another angle.

Simply put, you must know ideal what to carry out if you get stuck in the doorway through a large piece of furniture simply because you’re there on the spot and are maybe to see both the problem and also its solution.

Keep repeating come yourself that there’s a an excellent solution and you only need to discover it. ~ all, those big pieces that furniture made the safely with the very very first time they were lugged into the room. Right?

This action is all about improvising whenever you uncover yourself in a tight spot – simply think around the optimal exit angles of the furniture piece in relation to the smaller opening.

The first thing you deserve to do is practice slowly approximately the door framework to struggle that specific angle that will certainly let you happen unscathed. Remember that an altering the leave angles deserve to really do a distinction while moving oversized furniture v tight openings. All your motions should be slow and also calculated.

The second thing to shot out is to was standing the couch or one more furniture item vertically, on its end, and also then try to twisted it cautiously right into the space of the doorway. As lengthy as you’ve got the right angle, slow-moving and an accurate movements must be enough to fit your furniture v the door or hallway.

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Step 7. Shot squeezing it through

Sometimes you will do it only need a few extra inches to safely fit several of your bigger furniture v doors and hallways. Because that example, what to carry out if your sofa i will not ~ fit v the door? The answer might surprise you: just squeeze that through.

When it involves sofas and couches, they do have actually soft political parties that deserve to be compressed damage-free so that they can pass v the narrow doorway. In those cases, it’s about finding those extra inch of an are by squeezing in the upholstered furniture areas.

However, before you decision to shot this basic solution, there are a pair of precautions you’re recommend to take to keep things from acquisition a negative turn:

have your furniture piece wrapped in stretch pave so that it won’t gain dirty when it’s being rubbed against the door frame;protect your fingers native injury by attract high-quality occupational gloves and minding wherein you location your hand while completing the furniture moving maneuver.

Step 8. Remove the door (temporarily)


Always think before you act.

Even as soon as you’ve adhered to the above steps to fitting furniture with a doorway, you may still find yourself stuck to a huge sofa, desk, dresser, table or another bulky family item. Sometimes you may need just a little of extra an are to endure – do you uncover that inch or two?

One unusual method to create more space when trying come fit big furniture through little doorways and narrow hallways is to eliminate temporarily the door. That hack might not constantly be possible, yet whenever it is, it’s definitely worth a try.

Discuss this alternative with her helpers and also decide if you’re as much as the task. Make certain you know precisely what you’re doing so the you don’t finish up through a bigger difficulty than the one you’re encountering at the moment.

Together through a friend, push the problematic door approximately release it from that hinges, then place it somewhere the end of the way. Mental to perform this slowly and cautiously.

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Step 9. Take off the door frame

If the previous action didn’t occupational like you expected, yes sir one last trick girlfriend could shot to acquire a bit of extra an are – no an ext than one inch, if the much. That’s right, we’re talking about removing in the interim the door structure – if that’s also an alternative at all.

Taking turn off the door frame after you’ve just removed the door chin sounds favor a no hope move, and it is! However, the fact is the desperate times contact for no hope measures, and also that last action may too save moving day for you.

This action will only job-related if the door frame is make of wood and also it’s addressed in place with tiny nails i m sorry you deserve to see, reach and take out with the proper tool. If you choose to will to this ultimate action to getting big furniture v the door, then you’ll must reposition the door framework once you’ve taken the large furniture items in or out.

CAUTION: usage this step just if you know what you’re doing. Remove door frames have the right to be dangerous and also you may finish up with costly residential or commercial property damage. And even though it’s an option to gain your furniture through a doorway, we carry out NOT recommend this step.

Step 10. Ask furniture movers for assistance


Just stand back and clock the furniture movers do what they execute best.

Sometimes no issue how difficult you try to carry out something, things simply won’t work out the method you desire them to. And even though it’s difficult to admit defeat, at times you simply have to do it to avoid additional complications.

In instance none the the above steps has worked for you, then it’s time to contact in qualified help to help you out. Ultimately, it’s crucial to recognize when to give up because being excessively relentless can lead to residential or commercial property damage and also even personal injuries.

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Fill in a quick quote to get contacted by expert furniture movers and to learn how much it will expense you to have your huge furniture moved quickly and safely.